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Cheers to 2 Years




Today is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. We have no plans of celebrating but we [sort of] did anyway.



Yesterday, he handed me an anniversary card. I was more puzzled than surprised because he hasn’t given me a card before. I was moved to tears when I opened the card and read his message. Yes, he wrote me a letter. He actually wrote me one and that’s a first!

This morning he accompanied me to the QC Post Office to get a parcel and apply for a Postal ID. After that, we’ve decided to have buffet for lunch.

We walked down memory lane when we passed by Ortigas Park, Orient Square, and Megamall. Remembering how and where we’ve met and dated made me feel all warm and gooey inside.

We dined at Dads, Kamayan, Saisaki. My cravings were satiated with their ultimate buffet. Just when we were about to leave, the musicians offered us a song (“Kung Mawawala Ka” — of all songs why this one LOL). The staff & crew – plus the guests – were clinking glasses, waiting for us to kiss. And we did – in front of strangers. They all thought we weren’t married. 🙂

For the next few hours, we played arcade games and window-shopped for gadgets.



3 great buffets in one : DADS continental fare, Saisaki Japanese specialties, and Kamayan’s authentic Filipino cuisine.

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Dads Kamayan Saisaki


Skewered salmon, squid maki, crab meat tempura, chicken drumsticks in chili sauce, tuna, and bacon-wrapped crab meat and fried rice.

Kamayan Saisaki Dads


Skewered mixed seafood, mahi-mahi in garlic sauce, Dads Lengua (my fave!), cold cuts, fried rice, and seafood soup.

Saisaki Kamayan Dads


Ramen soup and Sukiyaki. The latter is a must-try.

Kamayan Dads Saisaki


Creme Brulee (in an eggshell) and cream puff. I don’t know the name of the other two.

Dads Saisaki Kamayan


Cake for him!

Saisaki Dads Kamayan


Banana and Peaches Crepe

Dads Kamayan Saisaki Buffet

Published: 2011-05-18 19:41:21


  1. charm

    Naks 2 years na, Sweet!… I’m Happy for you…

    19 . May . 2011
    • Amethystine

      thank you charmee! 🙂

      20 . May . 2011

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