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Choconuts C&C by Crazy Crepes







Crazy Crepes – Choconuts C&C

Crepe with fresh cream, Cookies & Cream ice cream, chocolate syrup, almonds, and flakes for Php 85 + Php 15 (for the ice cream)

Before Atlanta Crazy Crepes had been established here in the Philippines, majority of its outlets are in Japan. I bought my Choconuts C&C from their outlet at SM North EDSA, The Block, just before I had my 3d/4d ultrasound scan.



Crazy Crepes aren’t served in plates, you have to hold them in your hand with a soft wrap. You don’t even have to worry getting messy because your crepe will come with a small plastic spoon, making them perfect for munchers on the go.

Prices of crepes range from Php 55 for the simplest of crepes to about more than Php 100. Too bad the crepe they will hand out to you won’t be as overloaded as their sample display outside their store. *Sigh*

I want additional fresh cream, chocolate syrup, and almonds.




Crepe Trivia:


  • A crepe is a very thin pancake, either soft of crispy.
  • “Crepe” is a French word, derived from the Latin word “crispa”, meaning “curled”
  • There are two types of crepes: sweet crepes and savoury galettes (made with buckwheat flour and unsweetened)
  • “A creperie may be a takeaway restaurant or stall, serving crepes as a form of fast food or street food, or may be a more formal sit-down restaurant or cafe.” (

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