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Creative Planning for Beginners


This is supposed to be my guest post for an online craft shop last year but they haven’t posted it yet so here it is! 🙂

I started ‘plannering’ (yeah, sounds funny, but I can’t find a better term to describe what I’m doing LOL) again late last year.. after years and years of depending on my mobile phone to track my schedules and appointments.

Back in grade school I was using a personal-sized ring bound planner/organizer but I recently fell in love with The Happy Planner and my comeback to the planner world, the universe rather (LOL), has become one of the most exciting part of my 2015.

So I succumbed to my inner planner goddess (whaaat?) and purchased my THP from Saffy Tenten. The Happy Planner stays true to its name.. it really makes me happy.

I set myself challenges every time I work. Ideally, I approach everything as though it’s the first time – with a beginner’s mind and an amateur’s love. – Willem Dafoe

If you’re a beginner in creative planning, you might want to start looking for pens, stickers, and washi tapes. I started with only these three items and survived my first decorating attempt. Check out how my first planner weekly spread turned out.

The Happy Planner PH

I suggest that as a first timer, it’s okay to experiment on colors and themes, because eventually you will find your own style. I also don’t follow a particular layout but rather play around with the resources that I have. And as someone who has an eclectic approach to just about anything in life, I like to decorate my planner with a new theme each week.

  I'm One Happy Planner Girl with The Happy Planner

My first haul for 2016 (all from Saffy TenTen) was aimed to level up my planner game. Don’t be afraid to try new add ons to glam up your planners and new ways to experience more planner fun.

MAMBI The Happy Planner Haul

I’ve already predicted that I will be needing larger discs for Fae, my happy planner, so I purchased this Gold Expander Disc set. What do you think of my planner’s new makeover? 🙂

The Happy Planner Ring Replacement

I also purchased pre-punched inspiration cards & journal cards to add some interest in between my planner pages. I love that some cards are embellished with foil and glitters!

A lot of creative planner girls are into stamping lately and I wouldn’t want to wait for decades just to try them. My starter stamping tools are a couple of Technique Tuesday clear stamp sets, a Heidi Swapp stamp set, and a movie stamp from Imaginisce. I also have ink pads from Lawn Fawn and an acrylic stamp block from Apple Pie Memories.

Planner and Stamping

They say that stamping isn’t for everybody, but there’s no harm in trying. I find stamping very useful when I don’t have stickers for a particular activity that I need to put in my planner. What’s more encouraging is the variety of ink shades to match my different weekly spread themes.

Lawn Fawn Ink Pads

I’m enjoying this newfound hobby and if you’re a beginner just like me, I hope that you’re just as enraptured [to this craft] as I am.
Do check out Saffy TenTen for new arrivals (get your wallets ready, ladies!). I have my eyes on the THP storage case, Stay Golden 8.5” x 11” happy planner, and the new Happy Planner Punch!

Happy shopping, and happy planning! Spread the planner love. xoxo

Published: 2017-05-30 14:05:29


  1. Lhaine

    Your first planner page is so pretty, not like my beginner spread😊😀. Yeah i agree, Happy Planners indeed makes people Happy… I am so glad I had the.chance to have one every year.😊

    31 . May . 2017
    • Amethystine

      True! Nakaka-happy! Even as simple as a planner is blessing enough hihi. Thanks for the visit! 🙂

      08 . Jun . 2017
  2. nilyncartagena

    I actually like the term “plannering”, hehe. I think Webster should start adding that in the dictionary. hehe. Hats off to you and to all planner lovers out there! Wala kasi sakin ang ganitong talent. haha. Pag may maliliit na gamit, namimisplace agad. 🙁

    07 . Jun . 2017
    • Amethystine

      Hehe ang daming terms na naiimbento ngayon 🙂 Sis baka iba ang talent mo, hihi. Ako naman makalat sa gamit so my husband would always tell me to organize my stuff.

      07 . Jun . 2017
  3. Fully Housewifed! (@fullyhousewifed)

    One of my closest blogger friends, Janice Lim, is Planning for Pleasure. You two will hit it off quite well. I think that planner (-ing) is still a gift in artistry. i tried it, believe me. colors and all, haha, but my planners has never looked as pretty as yours or Janice’s.

    07 . Jun . 2017
    • Amethystine

      I’m a follower of her IG, and yes magaling siya! 🙂 Naku my planner layouts look amateurish pa nga compared to those I consider hardcore planners hehe. Kanya-kanya lang talaga minsan ng pegs 🙂 Thanks for the visit!

      07 . Jun . 2017
  4. Berlin | Momi Berlin

    I really commend cool peeps like you who find time making their planners look beautiful. I must say it is not just a passion but it is within your character to create such a beauty.

    Too bad for the guest post not to push through. You’ve got a great material to share pa naman. But nonetheless, it’s their lost. This is a nice content on your blog.

    08 . Jun . 2017
    • Amethystine

      Thank you for the compliment! Yeah nanghinayang ako sa guest post. Pero okay lang I was able to post here anyway. Thanks! 🙂

      12 . Jun . 2017
  5. Marie Angeli Laxa (Maan)

    Oooh, another creative planning sister! High-five! I got into creative planning late 2015 na, and I enjoy it a lot. I used to think I wouldn’t have time for it, but if you can spend 30 minutes in front of a TV set, you can plan (or do any hobby), too. I currently have a tangerine Kikki-K and a pink Webster’s Pages, but I got into BuJoing this year and I think I prefer it na.

    08 . Jun . 2017
    • Amethystine

      Hooray to planner sisters! 🙂 I might try bullet journaling din, kaso I already have 5 planners haha. I love Kikki K too! May medium-sized peach ako. Will follow your IG on my hobby account 🙂

      12 . Jun . 2017
  6. Nerisa

    Planners help busy people talaga. I tried to have a planner but it ended up becoming my to-do list notebook. sayang. I’d like to have more creativity pa naman sana to decorate my planner.

    17 . Jul . 2017
  7. Kristenne

    Nice! 🙂 I’m very dependent on my planner, but I just use a plain executive planner, with zero creativity. Lol!

    18 . Sep . 2017

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