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Last year when my little sister Lexeen turned 3 years old, I surprised her with a cute cupcake tower featuring her favorite characters from Dora and Spongebob. I ordered them from Sweetbox Specialty Pastries and Sweets. My son Zaiel’s 1st birthday is fast approaching and a cupcake tower is definitely in my ultimate party necessity list.

SWEETBOX Specialty Pastries and Sweets - Dora and Spongebob cupcake tower for Lexeen

Photo from Sweetbox Specialty Pastries and Sweets

There are a lot of things you need to consider when you’re planning to order a cupcake tower – budget, party theme, cupcake sizes, location and delivery charges, cupcake designs, cupcake flavors, and how many pieces to order. Carefully decide and let the baker know your expectations. Also, protect yourself from fake cupcake sellers by reading customers’ feedback and meeting up with the seller for a taste test.

Here’s a list ofย Cupcake Sellers in Multiply (Philippines only) that I’ve compiled. I’ll be updating this from time to time.

  • Anna Banana’s Online Bakeshop – annabananna72.multiply.com
  • Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse – cuppypuppy.multiply.com
  • Sweetbox Specialty Pastries and Sweets –ย www.facebook.com/sweetboxpastries
  • Cupcakes by Olga – cupcakeandsugar.multiply.com
  • Frupcakes Cupcakes – frupcakes.multiply.com (too bad they’re closing this December 2010)
  • Simply Cupcakes – simplycupcakes.multiply.com
  • Baby Bear’s Secret Bakeshop – secretbakeshop.multiply.com
  • Cupcakes for Less – cupcakesforless.multiply.com
  • Cupcake Conspiracy – cupcakeconspiracy.multiply.com
  • Solenni Dreams – solennidreams.multiply.com
  • Blushing Cupcakes – blushingcupcakes.multiply.com
  • Cupcake Chic Culture – cupcakechicculture.multiply.com
  • Perfect Frosting – perfectfrosting.multiply.com
  • Yummy Mommy Cupcake – yummymommycupcake.multiply.com
  • Chipper Cupcakes – chippercupcakes.multiply.com
  • The Bunny Baker –ย facebook.com/thebunnybaker
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Happy Cupcake Munching! ๐Ÿ™‚

Published: 2010-09-21 14:57:33


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