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Frabelle Foods Pork Ham Tocino


Try Frabelle Foods Pork Ham Tocino!
If you’re one of those people who was raised eating heavy, protein-rich breakfasts, you won’t be satisfied with just bread, milk, and cereals. Well I am, and I always feel that my morning’s not complete without rice and ulam.
There is a variety of breakfast ulams available nowadays to perk up our mornings – longganisa, daing na bangus, corned beef, hotdog, bacon, beef tapa, and tocino, among many others. One of my personal favorites is tocino. The sweetness of the pork makes it an enjoyable breakfast meal, especially for kids.
Frabelle Foods Pork Ham Tocino is a new addition to our breakfast meals. “Tocino” means bacon in Spanish and it’s traditionally made from cured pork. Frabelle’s Tocino is made from pure ham leg, marinated and cured with spices, pineapple juice, and other ingredients for at least 60 hours. After that, it goes through an abrupt freezing method wherein flavors and nutrients are locked in.

Frabelle Foods Pork Ham Tocino



Here’s my new favorite  – all lean meat and no fat, with a deep red color. Some other tocino meats are brimming with fat and grease. This one is a better, healthier option. 🙂

Pork Tocino Frabelle Foods


Tocinos also tend to be dry and hard (even when cooked), but Frabelle Foods Tocino is super tender and juicy. Plus, it cooks in just a few minutes. 🙂

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Frabelle Pork Tocino


A typical Pinoy breakfast, Tocilog. Tocino (sweet cured pork) is served with garlic rice and fried egg.

Frabelle Pork Ham Tocino


Published: 2012-10-18 12:37:23


  1. khaye

    My little boy loves Frabelle tocino. 🙂

    23 . Oct . 2012
  2. Amethystine

    Hi Mommy Khaye! My toddler loves it too! 🙂

    24 . Oct . 2012

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