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Grab your McDonald’s Lego Happy Meal


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McDonald’s finally unveiled their happy meal theme for the whole month of February — Lego! There are 8 Lego cups to collect, featuring characters from “The Lego Movie“.


We haven’t seen the Lego movie (ack!) but I made sure that my son gets at least one lego happy meal. There are 8 [3D lenticular] cups, or Lego characters, to choose from: Emmet, Batman, Unikitty, Bad Cop, Metalbeard, President Business, Wyldstyle, and Vitruvirus. You can purchase a happy meal for more or less PhP 200.

Lego Happy Meal

Lego is an iconic brand of toy blocks for children. These building blocks help enhance your child’s creativity and problem-solving skills. We love Lego and build time with the family is always entertaining, but make sure you don’t leave pieces lying around because stepping on a lego brick is no fun at all. My old lego sets are still alive and I recommend to parents that you should invest in a lego tub because these toys last for decades. 

Me and my brother collected happy meal toys in the past, and one of our favorites is the 101 Dalmatians. We didn’t succeed collecting them all but it was quite a worthwhile challenge.

My eldest son’s favorite is the Despicable Me 2 (and probably the most sought after happy meal toy) but he only got two out of nine minions.

Happy Meal Minions Despicable Me

Do you like this month’s happy meal? Share me your thoughts!


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Published: 2014-02-19 05:40:49

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