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Lingokids: English for Kids App Review


Lingokids – English for Kids

English is perceived to be the universal language and here in the Philippines, it has become our second language. Some Filipino families even use English as their main language.

As a bilingual family, my kids are learning two languages at a time. My eldest attended a progressive preschool for 2 years so he’s comfortable conversing in English. At home, he communicates in both Tagalog and English.

I believe that having English literacy skills is a big advantage. My kids, especially my eldest, know how to entertain and interact with our relatives from abroad and can easily make friends with other English-speaking kids.


Aside from using the language in our daily conversations, I also equip myself with children’s books, online videos, and apps to make English learning easy and enjoyable.

In fact I found an effective English learning course for them — Lingokids. Lingokids learning app is created for kids 2-6 years old and it encourages and helps your child get on the fast track to English literacy.


This is what the Lingokids launcher looks like after downloading the app. The app is kid appropriate, from the choice of colors down to art and animation.

Lesson topics include holidays, animals, food, opposites, prepositions, clothes, numbers, shapes, colors, school, toys, bath time, family, and musical instruments.


I set up Profiles for my two boys. They are currently on different difficulty levels so I just switch profiles on the Parents section. I can also track my kids’ progress from here.

Lingokids also has a Learning Gears System which detects your child’s level of understanding so that the amount of information that is presented to him or to her will be automatically adjusted. I find this very useful for my youngest who has a learning disability. He’s playing on the easiest level and he’s not overwhelmed with the activities.


There are loads of fun and exciting activities where kids will learn over 3,000 words such as everyday vocabulary, commonly used verbs, and adjectives for both preschool and kindergarten kids — Listening Games (interactive games that will help your kids listen/follow instructions), My Teacher (watch a particular Teacher discuss interesting learning topics), Songs and Videos, Writing Exercises, and Printable Worksheets.

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According to recent studies, Lingokids help children learn twice as much vocabulary than with the traditional method used in languages classes (and have more fun, too!) With its high-quality school readiness English program combined with playful and fun approach, my kids are learning more words and they’re now more apt to learn different languages.

AWARDS: “Mom’s Choice Awards”, “National Parenting Publications Awards”, and “The Lovie Awards”.



– Includes content from Oxford University Press
– Designed by teachers and experts in language learning
– Offline mode to learn on the go!
– No prior English knowledge is necessary 🙂
– Weekly reports for parents
– More than 3,000 words to learn!
– 100% Kid’s Safe: **Following COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection) regulations
– Designed specifically for preschoolers and young children (2 to 6 years old)
– Adaptive learning system adjusts the level of difficulty, creating personalized lessons and a unique learning experience for each child

Download Lingokids here:

Download Lingokids from Google Play — with this link, get a 30$ discount if you would like to continue with the subscription after the 1-month free trial (price per year becomes 59.99$ instead of 89.99$) — or iTunes. It’s a FREE app that offers in-app purchases.


Monkimun® is an award-winning company that makes Language Learning for Kids™ fun. Monkimun make language learning more entertaining and natural for our youngest generation and help create a safe environment where learning happens naturally!



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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Published: 2016-11-30 13:22:15

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