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I usually do my makeup when I attend parties and events, but this time I needed help from a makeup artist for our Nanay’s (grandmother) surprise 80th birthday. Being one of the head organizers for the event, I often slept feeling burned out. A party planner’s job has its perks but it’s not glamorous at all.


On the day of the event I only had 3 hours of sleep; but thanks to Soleil I didn’t look like a zombie in photos. I’ve known her way back in college. She’s a batchmate in Miriam and I think we went to the same classes for the Business Ad course. It was in Facebook that I learned about her love for cosmetics. She’s now a professional makeup artist (a graduate of HD Make-up Studio and Academy) and she uses high definition makeup to beautify her clients.

For weddings, photoshoots, and other special occasions, I highly recommend her services. Like her page in Facebook (Makeup by Soleil) and check out more before and after photos.

Raccoon eyes alert…



She also styled my hair. 🙂



Soleil also did my cousin’s makeup. She made sure that we wear the right foundation shades. I remember a guy friend of mine pointing his finger to a woman whose face powder was way too light for her skin tone. Then he mentioned, “Nag-attend yan ng Foundation Day“. LOL.

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Makeup’s flawless and still intact even after 6 hours of having fun! 🙂


Published: 2011-09-20 11:54:13

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