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Nestle PoPs to bring Dodgeball back to Boracay


Dodgeball On The Rise

Timing in with the rising temperature of now even hotter summer days is the game of dodgeball at the beach – Dodge N’ Pop 2010, the Nestle PoPs Summer Dodgeball Games. To be held on April 30, at Ti-Braz in Boracay, Dodge N’ Pop 2010 brings the dodgeball phenomenon to a higher level, seeking more Filipinos to get interested in this hot, summer sport. Expect to see some friendly yet fierce competition on the beach with elite dodgeball teams, special celebrity squads, and recreational players.

Nestle Dodge 'N Pop 2010 - Boracay

The event also serves as the official kickoff for University Dodgeball Games, a joint project between the PDBA and Nestle Ice Cream. During the University Dodgeball Games, the PDBA will be visiting some of the top schools in the country to conduct dodgeball trainer certification programs for PE teachers, free Dodgeball clinics for students, as well as actual competitive matches.

“It’s a great sport for the summer because dodgeball is a game that literally anyone can pick up and enjoy,” says Philippine Dodgeball Association (PDBA) President Benedict Camara. “But if you’ve got a more competitive streak, dodgeball can be very intense as well—which is what I’m hoping to see in this year’s Dodge N’ Pop games. We’re looking to pick out the best from the rest, and at the same time have a bit of fun.”

Celebrity DJs Tony Toni and Sam YG Playing Dodgeball

Celebrity DJs Tony Toni and Sam YG playing Dodgeball

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Nestle PoPs Ice Cream

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