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Ray-Ban’s 75 Legendary Years



 Ray-Ban Legends Never Hide
This year, Ray-Ban celebrates its 75th year anniversary. The undisputed leader in sun and prescription eyewear features the Ray-Ban Legends campaign which highlights its 75 remarkable years – from its humble beginnings in 1937 to its present iconic status.

The leading eyewear brand believes in freedom of self expression, in fact each and every product under its wing mirrors authenticity and uniqueness. The Ray-Ban Legends campaign was perfectly showcased through Mark Seliger‘s real life inspired photography. Icons and legends of the past were shown in 7 legendary moments (one scenario per decade), with stunning photos in black and white, sepia, and natural color.
Join famous celebrities and trendsetters around the world and own one of Ray-Ban’s hero products – the Ambermatic and Folding Aviators.
The Ambermatic. Original Ray-Ban Ambermatic lens from 1978 are reintroduced for the first time into the Ray-Ban Collection. These lenses adjust both color and density for light and weather conditions. Under overcast skies, they are light to medium shade of amber/brown to cut through haze; it improves contrast and sharpens details. Available in Aviator Classic (black matte frame and tips, PhP 10,990), Shooter (shiny gold/silver frame and tips, PhP 10,990), and Aviator Classic with Curved Temple Tips (PhP 13,990).

Ray-Ban Ambermatic Aviators

The Folding Aviator. Combining tradition and innovation, Ray-Ban has come up with the Folding Aviator, the same technology applied previously to the Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarers. This is an Aviator you can flaunt and bring with you everywhere you go. (PhP 10,490).

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Ray-Ban Folding Aviators


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Rayban Giveaway 75 years




“Never pretend.
Never be who you’re not.
Never change for someone else.
Never just go quietly
Becasue tre individuals


A group of pilots, the Blue Devils, in the 1930s.

Ray-Ban Legends Campaign Ad


A writer’s “relationship” in the heart of America in the 1940s.



A singer-songwriter who worked with Elvis Presley in the 1950s.



An English socialite in the 1960s.



A boy and girl falling in love during a protest in the 1970s.

RayBan Legends


The nightlife of three girls in the 1980s.



A courageous rapper in the 1990s.



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