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Recent Realizations and Lessons Learned






On Friendship
  • Respect must be present – always.
  • People can get insensitive and friends are no exceptions.
  • Distance is not a hindrance; it’s how you keep & cherish the memories you’ve had with that friend.
  • Communicating less will kill friendship fire – absolutely no. It’s how you value your friend and it’s all up to you if you want your relationship to be based on communication alone.
  • Being honest and frank is necessary to strengthen the bond, but sometimes, silence is a better option.
  • A friend will stay as a friend no matter how short or long the time you’ve spent together.
  • A friend can become your most vicious enemy.
  • Patience. Patience. Patience. (Repeat nth times)
  • Don’t lose your individuality once you begin to belong in a group.
  • Be flexible. Be open minded. Be forgiving. Be true.
  • If you want to understand a friend, imagine putting yourself in her shoes. (Don’t borrow her shoes – literally! Arrghh!)
On Life
  • You’ll never know who you really are. You think you know a lot about yourself but the more you think of it, the more you become your own stranger.
  • Life can never warn you about accidents and surprises, but it will show you secret passages and escape routes when you don’t feel like accepting a gift or a curse.
  • You’ll never get to achieve success if you don’t know where to start and where to end up. Realize what you really want to be in life and do everything you can to start being that person.
  • You can’t get rid of pessimistic thoughts. So it all depends if you let it flow out through your actions.
  • Don’t be scared of speaking up and fighting for your rights.
  • There will always be those monsters from the past which/who will haunt you in the present. You can’t just vanquish them. What you can do is ignore those monsters and enjoy what you have at the moment. Soon you’ll get used to them and day after day, bad memories will be a lot easier to carry.
  • Losing hope is not an option. In the battle where you’re at, you can retreat a hundred times but you can’t give up. Retreat, heal.. Then go back and fight!
  • Scars are evidences of victories you’ve had. So whenever troubles come your way, simply check your scars and remember you’ve been into tougher times before – and you actually managed to get out alive every time.
On Love
  • They say that love should be equal on both parties. I say love can never be equal ’cause no two people are exactly the same. Love must be measured by sincerity and not on who loved the most or the least.
  • I am in love. Your opinion is NOT needed. I mean it.
  • With great love comes great responsibility. Haha!
  • You fall under the category of unrequited love only if you let it. If you hold on to him/her (the person who doesn’t love you back), you fall deeper. As if you’re staging a suicidal attempt every single day, only to find out that escape isn’t possible.
  • Love is not always about kisses & hugs, it’s also about how you read each other’s mind by just looking into each other’s eyes.
  • There’s more pleasure in giving than in receiving. (I’m a giver myself, I should know!)
  • The best 2 ways to irritate a partner is to nag 24/7 or resort to complete silence.
  • When a woman says, “Nothing’s wrong..”, it means “Come on, ask me more.. Get interested!” (I’m guilty of this!). When a man says, “Nothing’s wrong..”, it means two things: First, he’s hiding something (a fling maybe), or, he’s telling the truth – so stop digging deeper or you’ll both end up getting frustrated. (Uhm.. guilty again..).
  • It’s never ever too late to say you’re sorry.
  • Love the person each day like it will be your last.
  • “Mean what you say and say what you mean” – other deviations from this is unacceptable.
  • Communication is the blood of each and every romantic relationship. It is the life that sustains two souls together.
  • Two imperfect people who love each other can never get to a perfect kind of relationship.
  • Expect less – Lesser expectations means lesser disappointments.
  • Love is about sharing a part of you to that special someone to make him/her complete – and vice versa.
  • Both the mind and the heart should work together to create a wonderful atmosphere where true love can reside.
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