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Sarangani Bay



Sarangani Bay Bangus - Beach

The magnificent coastline and pristine waters of Sarangani Bay is the next best place to spend your vacation with family and friends, but be warned that bangus has already beat you to it. Back in 2011, enough bangus fry and fingerlings has grown from these waters to supply over 50% of the country’s bangus needs, and still have enough for export!


Alsons Aquaculture Corporation are the stewards of Sarangani Bay. They are the only fully integrated farm–to–market fish processing operation in the country. Because of them, the waters are kept ideal for growing and breeding bangus. No overcrowding happens in their fish farms, meaning there will always be enough breathing room for the bangus not to suffocate, and the waters they are in will not be polluted by their own wastes.


In short, there is no “fish kill”. Fish Kill happens when there are overcrowded fish farms due to farmers overstocking fish ponds, pens and sea cages with more fry or fingerlings than what clean waters can healthily sustain. Overstocked, overcrowded fish farms violate good aquaculture practices because dissolved oxygen in the water is not enough to support the number of fishes and results to “suffocation.” Overcrowded fish farms can also lead to water pollution because the water fish swim in are easily  filled with their waste materials and decomposing excess feeds.

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As the country’s largest exporter of bangus and other seafood, Sarangani Bay consistently provide high quality packaged seafood products, thus meeting strict international food safety standards.


If you don’t mind swimming with the bangus and learning about fish farms, then by all means, visit Sarangani Bay isda place on your next vacation. Visit their website:



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