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It’s been almost a year since we visited Sumata Sounds Studio and recorded a song for our grandmother’s 80th birthday. We were in need of an affordable recording studio in Quezon City and I’m glad that I found them online.


I was supposed to sing Salamat by Yeng Constantino for my grandparents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary but unfortunately, my lolo passed away a few months before the celebration. So last year for my lola’s 80th, I persuaded my cousins to sing along with me. And to make sure they all agree, I told them we won’t be doing it live. The song is highly emotional too, making me teary-eyed each time I listen to it, so I thought maybe it’s a good idea to have the song pre-recorded.


Here’s a video of Yeng Constantino’s Salamat, if you’re not at all familiar with the song.



SUMATA SOUNDS was founded by Chester and Cheston Uy on 2008 for an exclusive studio use. But for the love of God, the studio will be shared with fellow musicians starting October 2010. SUMATA wants to help bands, who can’t afford to rent expensive high-end studios, record their materials in Cd/broadcast quality in an affordable way – only PhP 600 per hour.

Clients: David DiMuzio, Yassi Pressman, Idela, Soapdish, Julie Anne San Jose, LFili, Overtone, Ginoong Vitalis, Chromosom, Patnubay, Happy Days Ahead, Milk n Money, Flying Ipis, Patnubay, NOPR, and more.

– Sumata Sounds Studio


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Being watched by a stranger and a bunch of teasing faces while you TRY to sing your lines is a far more different experience than privately recording a song on tape, which by the way, I did years ago. Our song was slightly tweaked, making it more “acceptable” to the ears hahaha. We had fun despite the rainy weather and we’re glad to have crossed out an item from the bucket list.


Sumata Sounds Studio - Quezon City


If you’re interested to do a recording for personal or professional use, visit https://www.facebook.com/sumatasounds



Photo Credit: Sumata Sounds Studio



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