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Sushi Towel Party Favors by Thoughtful Creations


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Sushi Towel Party Favors



There are a few Clipper gift shops around the metro and I suggest that you visit one of their stores when you’re searching for gift ideas and souvenir inspirations. When I was planning my son’s Japanese/Anime party, I found there some sushi towels and I thought they would make a cool birthday party favor. I was, at the time, busy making another set of party favors (personalized bag charms in noodle boxes) so I can’t make them myself.

I ordered 50 pieces of sushi towels from Thoughtful Creations. They specialize in personalized towel cakes used as gifts and giveaways for parties like baptisms, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, and birthdays. Their rates are also very affordable. Most of their designs were customized depending on the clients’ budget and specifications. I patterned mine from their sample photos and emailed them additional notes about the theme.


Sushi Towels - Party Favors by Thoughtful Creations




Check out some of their sweet creations! I have to remind you, however, that these are inedible.

3-tier towel cake

Thoughtful Creations - 3 tier Towel Cake


2-tier towel cake

Thoughtful Creations - Towel Cakes


Body Care Set Towel Cakes

Thoughtful Creations - Towel Cakes - Body Care Sets


Diaper Cakes are perfect for baby showers

Thoughtful Creations - Diaper Cakes


Diaper Cake with Baby Gift Set

Thoughtful Creations - Diaper Cake


Towel Cake Slices

Thoughtful Creations - Towel Cake Slices


Baby Bottles with Towels

Thoughtful Creations - Baby Bottles with Towels


Cupcake Towels

Thoughtful Creations - Towel Cupcakes


Towel Lollipops

Thoughtful Creations - Towel Lollipops


Mini Towel Cake Rolls

Thoughtful Creations - Towel Mini Cake Rolls


Mini Towel Cakes

  Personalized Take Out Boxes as Party Favors

Thoughtful Creations - Towel Mini Cakes


Towel Goodies for Weddings

Thoughtful Creations - Towel Favors for Weddings


Thoughtful Creations

Published: 2011-09-19 20:32:15

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