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The New Dupe Brazilian Slippers


Dupe, a Brazilian slippers brand, was re-launched here in the Philippines last December 2010. It offers Brazilian, high-quality, affordable, and practical slippers for men, women, kids and babies.

The word Dupe (DO Pe), is a Portuguese term which literally means “of the feet”. It connotes a natural extension of the foot. The brand originated in 1969 in Northeast Brazil where the brand’s only factory and corporate office are located. It is the 2nd in rubber sandals sales in Brazil, next to Havaianas. Check out Dupe’s stores located at SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia department stores, Landmark Makati and Landmark TriNoma, Shopwise Festival Mall and Shopwise Araneta Center.

The New Dupe - Brazilian Slippers

Along with its re-launch, Dupe also has new product features that customers will surely enjoy and benefit from: fish scale pattern on the texture of the sole, heal massager, and Gel HXP technology (H for high comfort, X for expanded fully sealed coating/finishing, P for penta polymer for ultimate durability). Aside from these, Dupe also takes pride in its100% rubber-make from its brand and frame down to its sole. (Click to enlarge photo)

100% Rubber vs PVC/plastic Rubber has many advantages over plastic. Rubber is not slippery even on wet surfaces. It is safer to wear because it has better traction than plastic. Moreover, rubber does not cause the feeling of heat on the feet even when used in long durations. Plastic tends to cause more friction between the strap of the slipper and the skin and thus produces that feeling of uncomfortable warm temperature on the feet. In addition, rashes can result when using plastic slippers because of the said roughness it generates.

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Dupe Brazilian Slippers - Product Feature

Revolution II (Php 395)
Style with Gel HXP and shock absorption on the heel. Great for male and female commuters who go through long hours of walking. Comes in White, Black, Navy, Light Gray, Light Blue, and Light Pink colors.

Dupe Slippers - Revolution_navy

Estampada Masculina (Php 395)
Has the printed image of a man living a very active lifestyle. Designed for males who prefer high-quality, durable, and affordable slippers that show off their sporty personality. Comes in White, Black, Light Gray, and Royal colors.

Dupe Slippers - Estampada Masculina_white

Chique (395)
Style with Gel HXP and shock absorption on the heel. Designed for females who want a slipper with a thin strap and a sexy-shaped sole that still gives them the benefit of the heel massager. Comes in White, Black, Purple, Turquoise, Tangerine, and Rubine colors.

Dupe Slippers - Chique_purple

Spider (Php 300)
Spider design in relief on the heel. Best for kids who go for a slipper that is durable and functional at the same time. Comes in black and red colors.

Dupe Slippers - Spider_red

Nino & Nino (Php 275)
Has a pacifier tag on the strap. Excellent choice for parents who like nothing but safety for their babies. Style has a safety elastic ankle strap. Comes in light pink and light blue.

Dupe Slippers - Nino & Nina_light blue

Published: 2011-02-03 21:22:06


  1. charm

    i like the nino design, perfect for corbin! ♥

    04 . Feb . 2011
    • Amethystine

      And it’s affordable too! I want one for Zaiel 🙂

      05 . Feb . 2011
  2. joan

    i just got this at trinoma mall a while ago, and already used it after i paid! i love the feeling of it on my feet, so comfortable… ♥

    28 . May . 2011
    • Amethystine

      ang comfy noh? 🙂

      30 . May . 2011
  3. lexzah

    love itttt…

    25 . Feb . 2013
  4. Edith Chan


    I have an online business and I would like to know if I can order pairs of dupe as wholesale price? And how do I send payments?

    13 . Jan . 2016

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