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Thor the Siamese Cat



2 month old Siamese Kitten


Meet Thor, our first [official] pet. He was born June 13, 2012 and we adopted him last Saturday. So far he’s doing really well adjusting to his new home.

He was inside a zesto box when we first met him. He’s a chocolate point Siamese cat. I named him Thor because he’s got eyes like Chris Hemsworth.. BLUE.

I’ve never had a “companion” pet before – only hamsters, “dagang costa”, rabbits, and fishes. My husband is the one who’s fond of cats. He was telling me before that if we’re going to own a pet, it’s going to be a cat. When we got Thor, we were so excited we ran to the nearest pet store to get him some basic pet supplies: cat food, food tray, nail clipper, hair brush, litter box, and organic cat litter.


Siamese cat


The previous owner gave us his pet health record. He had been initially dewormed last August 10 and he’ll have the next on the 24th.

Pet Health Record


He eats wet food at the moment – Whiskas Junior cat food brand. He normally receives his meal 3 times a day, with snacks in between.

Whiskas Junior


The food tray is too big for his size, but I know he’ll grow soon enough.

Cat Food Tray


We purchased these organic fiber balls for him to play with but he becomes afraid when they start to roll.

  Halloween Bento Box: Mummy, Jack-o'-lantern, and Frankenstein

Pet Toys - Fiber Balls


From what I’ve read about the Siamese breed, they are very affectionate and intelligent. Well, it’s true. I trained him to use his litter box on his second day and in just a few hours, he already knows where to poop and pee. I placed the litter box in one corner so he won’t be disturbed when he’s doing his dirty job. Yes, cats need privacy too!

Cat Litter Box


We opted for Coco Crumble all natural cat litter instead of fine sand because it’s 100% organic, biodegradable (can be re-used as a fertilizer), it contains no chemicals, and more importantly, it eliminates odor.

Organic Cat Litter


We had his claws clipped right away to avoid painful scratches and we also bought him his personal hair brush for grooming.

Cat Hairbrush - Cat Nail Clipper


We brought him to the vet yesterday. He’s skinny, so he has to take his vitamins (Nutri-plus gel) everyday. We’ll also try giving him dry food/treat and I hope he likes it. Thank you Pet Express!

Cat Food - Whiskas Junior


Mighty Thor.. LOLcats version. 😀

Siamese Kitten - Thor


The feline cutie loves to sleep on my lap. 🙂 I’m a first-timer on this, so if you have any tips to share, please do.

Choco Point Siamese Kitten

Published: 2012-08-16 11:00:12

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