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Tips for Creating an Effective Website





Tips for an effective website



Effective websites don’t just happen overnight. Doing some extensive planning beforehand such as writing down goals to keep it well-organized is the key to success. To create website, you need to consider your audience first. Reaching out to your visitors should be your main goal, not the fancy stuff.

Susan Daffron, co-author of Web Business Success: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Web Sites That Work, mentions that a website must be “easy to understand within the first five second what it’s about and why anyone should care.” She also added, “As far as being effective I always like to say that the day of the purple front page website is over. A website has to have a very professional graphic presentation or people will instantly have the oh-my-gosh what a cheesy website response and bail out.”

Website designs are more important than ever. Millions are other websites will be your competitors for visitor’s attention and high search engine rankings. Small companies nowadays are making a wise choice and investing in professionally designed websites. An appealing website design plus these tips will raise your business’ exposure and sales in no time.


Here are some Tips for Creating Effective Websites:

  • Write a compelling content to increase your readership.
  • A blog is a must. Even if yours is a business website, a blog section is a great help for SEO.
  • Don’t use image as background (unless it’s really necessary). Use simple backgrounds instead.
  • Avoid too much distracting elements such as blinking or scrolling text, animated GIFs, and annoying auto-loading sounds.
  • Avoid popup windows. Nuff said.
  • Include a “Home” button in every page just in case your visitors get lost.
  • A simpler website is a better website.
  • Include a Menu on every page.
  • Decide wisely whether to use frames or not.
  • Compress large image files to load your website faster
  • Keep multimedia files to a minimum.
  • Adjust line spacing to improve readability.
  • Use descriptive link text, not the words “click here”.
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