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Top Torikatsu by Bounty Fresh Chicken


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Here’s a new chicken product that you and your family will surely love! Top Torikatsu by Bounty Fresh Chicken is our latest frozen food craze. It reminded me of Cordon Bleu that my mom used to cook for my baon. It’s also a leveled up version of chicken nuggets – bigger and juicier.

Top Torikatsu are available in two tasty flavors – Classic mayonnaise and Cheese & Chives. Each pack (PhP 179) consists of 6 pieces of premium chicken breasts. Read on to know which of the two is our fave.



We first tried the Cheese & Chives variant. The best way to cook this is to wait until the oil is hot (use medium heat), otherwise the breading will turn out soggy. I like to cook them 5 minutes on each side or until golden brown. Be careful not to peel off the breading prior to heating or else the mayo or the cheese filling will drip. I also sprinkled dried basil on top for added herby flavor.


The cheese & chives is our family’s favorite. Generous amount of creamy cheese is wrapped inside each moist and tender chicken breast. Top Torikatsu is really a gourmet meal in an instant!


I don’t eat mayo but I happened to convince myself by making a simple homemade chicken katsudon using the Classic variant. I cooked the sauce from scratch (chicken broth, sugar, minced ginger, shallots, soy sauce, and vegetable oil) and poured it over the rice meal. Voila! Instant Top Torikatsudon!

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It’s not obvious that my son looooooves Top Torikatsu. Thank you for the sample packs, Bounty Fresh Chicken!



Top Torikatsu

Published: 2013-10-23 09:57:54

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