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WAV Atmospheric Branding Changes How We Experience Ambience


Signature Scent and Sound by WAV Atmospheric Branding

Launched in 2003 by Mr. Carlos “Caloy” Hinolan, WAV Atmospheric Branding is a Filipino-led company pioneering in Sensory Marketing. They use audio entertainment and scent technology to better engage customers in boutiques, service shops, and hotels in the Philippines, Singapore, and the US. It has been named 2011’s Most Outstanding Non-Traditional Advertising and Marketing Service Provider at the illustrious Global Products Excellence Awards (GPEA) for assisting establishments and business owners with in-store entertainment, advertising, marketing, and inventive media solutions.

But you might ask, “Is Sensory Marketing really effective and directly affects my decisions as a customer?”. Well personally, the answer is YES. Sensory Marketing appeals to all senses in relation to a specific brand and it simply creates a more satisfying experience for customers. For me, it all boils down to the ambience, the atmosphere of an establishment, whether I’m visiting a shopping mall, a hotel, or a restaurant.

WAV Atmospheric Branding - Instore Radio

WAV Atmospheric Branding’s marketing tools elevates the overall ambience with innovative instore radio systems. If you visit KFC, Chowking, Greenwich, or Teriyaki Boy, you’ll notice that they all have an audio system that broadcasts customized music, with promos and announcements in between. The “sound” for each food establishment is personalized to fit the store’s theme and improve the ambience. With this kind of marketing strategy, food chains get to promote their products better and make their new and returning customers happy.

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The case is also the same with The Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros. They’ve been working with WAV Atmospheric Branding through WAVSCENTS Signature Fragrances and Mr. Ed Vitug, Bayleaf Hotel’s General Manager, mentioned about “the fine, little thing that makes a statement”. He referred to the great selection of music and distinctly inviting scent emanating throughout the hotel. Apart from the friendly staff and great accommodations, the signature music and fragrance makes the hotel unique in a subtle way and elevates the ambience to a whole new level. The tremendous power of the sense of smell to evoke memories opens a huge potential for companies to leave a lasting mark on their customers.

The Bayleaf Hotel - Intramuros Manila
The Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros. Photo courtesy of

Aside from instore radio and scent marketing, they also provide digital signage, and commercial sound installation (using AWPATech’s top-of-the-line equipment) for a complete hear, smell, and see marketing package. All systems are updated online and technical support is also impressive.

The company’s list of growing clientele shows the power and reach of sensory marketing. Among them are Levi’s Strauss, Power Mac Center, Rustan’s Shopping Malls, Gold’s Gym, Wilcon Builders Depot, David’s Salon, Marriott Hotel Manila, Mitsubishi Motors, Bellevue Manila, Discovery Suites, Plains & Prints, Resorts World Manila, Red Mango, and Globe Telecom.


WAV Atmospheric Branding Philippines
Sales Office:
208 VM Condominium
146 Amorsolo Street
Makati City, 1229
Telephone Numbers:
(+632) 519-0001, 519-0205,
519-0494, 519-0135

Published: 2013-01-23 17:24:58

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