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WAV Instore Radio Amplifies the Spirit of Christmas


Since it’s beginning to look (and sound) a lot like Christmas, I suppose most of you have already made plans for the upcoming festivities. Now is the season of sharing, the time of the year when friends and families reunite and give meaningful gifts. It’s also the season of salary bonuses and shopping sprees, and everything around us (including the interactive visual effects and music in a retail setting) help ensure that we become attuned to the [spending] spirit of the season.

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How Christmas Music Affects the Way We Shop

We prefer shopping with in store music, especially if the music matches the overall vibe of the store, don’t we? It is for the reason that music affects the way we act, feel, think, and even spend. In fact, research suggests that music can put us in the mood to spend money in a retail environment. The festive music playing in the background as we shop for gifts is sure to put us in a cheery disposition, making us enjoy our stay in a particular store and even encourage us to purchase more.

Hearing Christmas music usually lifts our mood, but some shoppers may find it unbearable. They may experience a growing sense of annoyance with repeated listening. This is where WAV Atmospheric Branding comes in.

WAV Atmospheric Branding - Instore Radio

WAV Instore Radio

WAV Atmospheric Branding helps transform the Christmas spirit in the Philippines through its advanced specialized audio-marketing tool — Instore Radio. Combining Science and Art of Branding, the tool is designed to deliver personalized in-store music and customized messages to suit a brand’s needs.

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For the Christmas season, WAV Instore Radio helps store owners to craft their own ‘holiday appropriate’ music to help shoppers easily get into the holiday mood and elevate their shopping experience.

WAV Instore Radio also continues to increase brand awareness, improve customer experience, increase trial, encourage repeat visits, and strengthen customer brand loyalty, all throughout the year, with its features such as Audio Bulletins, Event News, Announcements, Product Launches, PR Communications and Specials in the vein of holidays, festivals and other special occasions.


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Published: 2014-12-01 15:15:11

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