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Why Choose the Right Nightwear




Every woman must learn how to choose the right nightwear. Why? Because wearing a sexy yet uncomfortable lingerie or dressing gowns that make you itch will definitely ruin your beauty sleep. Quality of life depends on quality of sleep so start following these tips and fill up that neglected part of your wardrobe with the right sleepwear.




  • Size matters. Avoid nightclothes that are too tight, too small or too large that it swallows your body whole. It’s a perfect fit if it allows your body to move freely. The rule to follow is, if your body feels it’s not comfortable because of the size, then don’t wear it to sleep.
  • Coverage is a choice. Whether it be a matching pajamas or a sexy babydoll (or even if you want to sleep naked!), it always comes down to your personal preference. Also consider the weather condition: if it’s too humid, wear something cool like cotton and if it’s a winter night, make sure to bundle up.
  • Consider the environment. Are you alone or with friends? Are you in an out of town business trip sharing sleeping quarters with your co-employees? Are you on a honeymoon escapade in Hawaii? Deciding what to wear for these situations is a no-brainer.
  • Fabric is key. There’s a wide variety of fabrics to choose from: cotton, silk, satin, and the list goes on. Cotton is the best for sleeping suits. Silk are best for spicing up a night with your partner. For colder nights, wear something satin. If the texture feels just right then it’s fine.
  • Watch out for accents. Ribbons, beads, laces, and embellishments might become a sleep disturbance so choose your nightdresses carefully.
  • Playtime vs. Sleep. Uncomfy teddies with straps and sexy lingerie pieces are not meant to give you a good night’s sleep. They are best worn “before” and not “during” bedtime, so make sure you have a comfy sleepwear by your bedside table.

Fiery Night Robe by PartyGal Lingerie

Sleep All Day Shirt

 Ellos nightie

Ellos Pyjamas


Photo Credits: Ellos, Tumblr, PartyGal Lingerie

Published: 2011-09-15 14:29:43

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