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Our First Yakimix Restaurant Buffet Experience


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Binge eating over the holidays is a widely accepted practice. And since my in-laws from Laguna province were also here in Manila during the time, we had a mini celebration at eat-all-you-can restaurant in Trinoma, Yakimix. The holiday buffet rate was PhP 660 per person, without the drinks all you can option. We were given only 2-3 hours to complete our dinner because they had to close early for Christmas Eve.

Yakimix Sushi, Smokeless Grill Restaurant boasts of 3 Oriental cuisines – Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. They are one of the most popular and affordable eat all you can buffet in the metro. I wasn’t able to take photos of all food that graced our table because I was busy grilling and eating.

Yakimix Trinoma Price

Yakimix restaurant has casual yet elegant interiors, with chandeliers to give off a classy vibe. The place looked homey and inviting to me.

Yakimix Trinoma Buffet Time
The only photo I took of the place. Was too excited to eat! :p

My first trip: Dessert buffet table. I picked these two as my appetizers: coffee jelly and blueberry cheesecake. Their desserts are typical, with cakes from Red Ribbon and ice cream from Selecta, plus a few traditional sweets like leche flan and mango sago. I still prefer Dads Ultimate Buffet (Dads Kamayan Saisaki Buffet) for desserts.

Yakimix Eat All You Can Price

They have a wide selection of marinated fish and meat choices for grilling – tanigue, spicy chicken, squid, crab sticks, barbecue beef sticks, roll fat beef, salmon belly, vegetable pork rolls, and spicy bacon among others.

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Yakimix Eat All You Can Buffet

We only got to choose a few Korean and Chinese dishes; Korean Chap Chae was one of them. Next time I’ll try more of their cooked dishes – broccoli garlic, beef tenderloin, salmon fried rice, vegetable curry, butter chicken, etc.

Yakimix Trinoma Review

They also have more than 20 varieties of sushi and sashimi. My favorites are tamago sashimi, california maki, crunchy salmon roll, spicy salmon maki, and hawaiian island maki.

Yakimix Trinoma Menu
My third meal plate. Burp!

We asked one of the waiters to turn on our grill. I had to cook my sashimi because I was told not to eat raw food while pregnant.

Yakimix Dinner Buffet Trinoma

Chillin’ while grillin’. We just toss everything in and get whatever we want from the heated grill.

Yakimix Buffet Price Trinoma

I loved the idea of mixing our own dipping sauces. My dad came up with his own spicy sauce, and liked it so much he dunked everything in it.

Yakimix Eat All You Can Trinoma

I consumed desserts in between meal plates to renew my palate. To cap off my evening meal, I went back to the dessert area to get myself a few scoops of ice cream.

Yakimix Eat All You Can Restaurant

If you love buffets and you think you can go up for an eat-all-you-can challenge without busting your budget, this is the restaurant for you.

Yakimix Eat All You Can Rates

Our first Yakimix experience was excellent. I just don’t know if our second would still be the same. I would probably try a new selection of food.

Yakimix Eat All You Can Philippines


YakiMix Sushi, Smokeless Grill Restaurant
4/F Trinoma Mall, North Ave. cor Mindanao Ave., Quezon City

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