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Why the Everything is Possible Planner 2014 is Perfect for Me


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The Everything is Possible Planner 2014 is officially my planner for next year. I pre-ordered mine last October from the Belle de Jour Power Planner website for PhP 538 and got it in a week. Behind the Everything is Possible Planner is Viviamo! Inc., the creator of the popular Belle de Jour power planner.

I wonder how I managed to survive the last two years using only the calendar on my Samsung Galaxy Note. Honestly, my past schedules were kind of messed up. I just had to get one for next year because I really function more efficiently when I jot down tasks and ideas on paper.


I was thinking about getting a Belle de Jour Power Planner, a crowd favorite, but I hesitated because I didn’t get to use the coupons from my previous BDJs. I also had my eye on the FILED Doodle Planner with its purple plushy keychain but I think it better suits the younger generation.

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Neither festive nor boring, the EIP planner’s layout is simply clean. There’s clarity and focus on every page. It may lack pictures and other add-ons but the colors used (soft, happy hues) are enough to keep you motivated. The planner’s straightforward approach is what makes it a powerful tool in reaching personal goals as it allows you to plan in detail and document your progress.

The theme for 2014 is Possibility. Scattered throughout its pages is the word “possibility”, written in Braille. My favorite pages are the bucket list or life list page, the daily planning layout with time (for precise scheduling, but I can also write in freestyle if I want to because the print is light/faded), and the “Grateful For” section to encourage me to be thankful at all times. It also includes a special layout for weekly priorities and powerful mantras to help me stay positive.

I’m totally excited to use it! In fact I already started writing things down on the Notes section and filling up my January calendar with events and to-do lists.

How about you? What planner did you get for 2014?





Everything is Possible Planner

Published: 2013-11-25 15:45:10

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