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How to Choose the Perfect Cocktail Dress




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Picking the perfect cocktail dress to wear for a special event can become easier when you have some knowledge on what looks great on your body. At K & Co, there is a wide selection of stylish cocktail dresses, as well as plus size dresses for curvy women. Visit their website when searching for certain styles and designs. So here are some tips on how to choose (and wear!) the perfect cocktail dress.


  • Know your body shape. Take a look at the mirror and check if you have an apple, pear, strawberry, hourglass, or rectangle body shape. From there you’ll have an idea what style flatters your body the most.
  • Decide on the best color. Choose a shade that won’t make your skin look pale. You should also try to consider these basic rules: neutral colors are the safest, dark colors create a slimmer silhouette, and brighter ones grab attention but they’re risky to wear.
  • To emphasize the upper body and draw attention away from the lower body use jewelry and interesting necklines.
  • Hemline is important. Hemlines cut in the middle of your legs are not flattering at all. If you’re kind of short, choose a dress that will elongate your legs/body.
  • If you’re not confident enough to show your legs, wear a long gown. If your gams are your best asset, wear a shorter skirt.
  • Make sure clothes fit you well. Ill-fitting items tend to emphasize problem areas.
  • Cultivate your own style and don’t allow clothes to eclipse your personality.
  • If the price is too high, make sure the dress is worth it.
  • Remember, confidence is key.
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cocktail dresses



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