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Multifunctional Accessory Kit by Bend Accessories


A gift package from Bend Accessories arrived early last week and I’m happy that I have extra time today to share with you what’s inside it. Bend Accessories is a seller of handmade accessories and fashion jewelry. Their bracelets & necklaces, featuring fresh and trendy designs, are one-of-a-kind.

Bend Accessories
I appreciate the personal note!

They sent me a custom-made hand stamped keychain. I requested that they imprint the word “Dauntless” (taken from the book Divergent). Each keychain costs PhP 50 – PhP 100, depending on the caption and additional designs/charms.

Bend Accessories Hand Stamped Keychain
Hand Stamped Keychains (PhP 50 – PhP 100)
Additional designs and charms (plus PhP 20)

These black and gold beaded bracelets are simple yet trendy. Neutrals can be paired with just about anything so I think this will become a regular. You can get your own stretch bracelets for PhP 130 – PhP 180, depending on the design.

Bend Accessories Beaded Bracelet
Stretch Bracelets (PhP 130 – PhP 180)

Here’s my Multifunctional Accessory Kit in dark blue. Why is it called multifunctional? You’ll know the reason as you scroll down.

Bend Accessories Handmade

The kit contains 4 link bracelets, two extenders, and a manual. The non-tarnish gold coils and clasps add a touch of queenly appeal. You can purchase it for PhP 300.

Bend Accessories - Multifunctional Accessory Kit
Bend Accessories – Multifunctional Accessory Kit (PhP 300)

If you look closely, the braid patterns are all different.

Bend Accessories Handmade Jewelry

I was surprised when I found out that I can wear this accessory in so many ways. The manual showed 7 looks, then I came up with 2 more styles (choker and statement necklace). All you need to do is join together chain links and clasps.

Bend Accessories Blue Bracelet

Look #1: Wear 4 link bracelets separately to make something that’s similar to a cuff bracelet. This is the default style.

Bend Accessories Bracelets

Look #2: Wear 3 link bracelets separately. You may also wear a piece for a minimalistic look, or two pieces if you just feel like it. Then you may add your favorite wrist watch to the mix.

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Bend Accessories Tri Bracelet

Look #3: Wear it as a long necklace. Link 4 bracelets together to adorn a boat neck or a turtleneck top. Necklace length is 29 inches. To make it even longer, attach the two extenders.

Bend Accessories Long Necklace

Look #4: Wear a matching bracelet and necklace by linking 3 pieces of bracelets to make a necklace. Necklace length is 21.5 inches.

Bend Accessories Long Necklace and Bracelet

Look #5: Bracelet and Necklace Combo number two! Link two bracelets and 2 extenders, then wear the 2 remaining bracelets. Necklace length is 21 inches.

Bend Accessories Short Necklace and Bracelet

Look #6: Statement Necklace. Make this gorgeous necklet by joining two bracelets then attaching one bracelet on each end. This piece will perfectly fit into any special occasion.

Bend Accessories Statement Necklace

Look #7: Join 2 pairs of two bracelets and what you get is a stunning choker. You may adjust the length by adding extenders.

Bend Accessories Choker

Look #8: This one’s a belt. To make a belt for a 28-inch waistline, link 3 bracelets then add 2 extenders. For waistlines 29 and above, link 4 bracelets, then adjust by using extenders.

Bend Accessories Belt

Look #9: If you’re into hair accessories, you can link 3 bracelets to make a glam headband. You may also want to wear the remaining bracelet then stack it with your other bracelets to make an arm party.

Bend Accessories Headband

I don’t usually wear a stack of bracelets on the same arm but I really dig this lovely bunch. Thank you Bend Accessories for sending me such a gorgeous and versatile accessory! Ü

Thanks also to Pamper Couch Nail Spa for my gel nails!

Bend Accessories Stacked Bracelets

Which color will you get?

Bend Accessories - Grey Area
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Bend Accessories

Published: 2014-10-15 15:01:58

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