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Progressive Moms Choose Friso Four


As a full time mom of two little boys, I believe that parenting is the ultimate long-term investment. Raising well-rounded children demands time and effort, so I make sure that I’m always in step with my children’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.

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Meeting Milestones

I have no excuse when it comes to spending time with my children, no matter how busy I am. My two little boys need time and attention. They need my deepest affection and understanding at all times.. my guidance and my loving arms to embrace them whenever they feel scared. I just simply need to be where they are.


I can still remember the first time I held my baby in my arms, my first pee accident during a diaper change, and the time when I broke out in tears when my eldest got his first vaccine. I guess that with each experience, I’m growing as a mother as well.

Balancing Liberation and Protection

Being with my children 24/7 allows me to become the protector they need. Safety is a priority, but I always keep in mind that they need to stumble and fall from time to time to make them stronger. They will be needing both good and bad experiences to strengthen and inspire them as they course through life. Naturally, as a mother, my protective instincts always kick in, but then I try to breathe out my worries and let my children have fun and explore the world on their own.

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Good thing I can always depend on Friso Four. It helps make my kids more resilient, so I feel more confident to let them experience just about anything.

Made by Nature, Made Better by Science

I only give quality care to my children that’s why I choose Friso Four as their milk supplement. It is a milk formula that promotes healthy digestion, the result of a unique partnership between nature and science.

From its farms, cows are nurtured with extra care to get top quality milk. Then scientists make the most of this natural goodness with its grass-to-glass and single-process treatment that locks in milk protein. This special process is called LockNutri.


The LockNutri technology is a way of preserving milk protein closer to its natural structure (without overheating) – thereby making it easy to digest for delicate tummies.

Being the progressive mom who spends time to create unique experiences with her children, I believe that Friso Four (a progressive milk that cares like a mother and supports like a best friend) helps my children get the right building blocks to be strong from the inside, thus allowing them to take on each and every experience along the way.

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This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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