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Weaning Time for Baby Zaiel


Baby Weaning Equipment

Baby Zaiel’s pedia instructed me to start introducing solid food to my baby. I bought a pack of Cerelac in Wheat & Milk. Cerelac contains Immunonutrients such as Iron & Zinc, Vitamins A & C, and DHA. Baby Z will start at one teaspoon Cerelac plus 4 teaspoons of water, once a day for one week. I’m thinking of adding milk to his cereal too.

Pigeon’s Weaning set with a weaning spoon and bowl is not available so I opted for the next step set – Pigeon’s “All By Myself” Baby Cutlery Set priced at Php 999.75. It features light-weight and easy-to-grip spoon and fork with a case for storage and travel. There’s also a dish for soups and a plate for solid food that comes with non-slip bases. All items are BPA-free plus microwave and sterilization safe.

I needed rubber spoons for my baby so I also purchased Soft Tip Spoons by Pigeon for Php 199.75. It comes with 2 spoons, one for solid food and one for juice/soup. They are both designed and made to fit baby’s mouth comfortably and safely.


Another “first” for Zaiel!

Published: 2010-05-16 07:58:31

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  1. Shalny

    Hi! Nice to meet you!!
    I am a mummy blogger too 🙂
    May I know how old is your baby now?

    11 . Jan . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Hi Shalny! My baby turned 1 last December 22, 2010. Thanks for visiting my site! 😀

      13 . Jan . 2011

Thanks for dropping by!

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