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Mio Gelati Grand Launch in Ayala Malls Vertis North


Mio Gelati Vertis North

I was invited to attend the Mio Gelati Grand Launch in Ayala Malls Vertis North. Vertis North is just beside TriNoma, connected with a bridge, so it’s hassle-free to go there.

Mio Gelati Vertis North - Ayala Malls
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When I arrived, I was offered sweets, appetizers, and meals from the buffet. There was also a grazing table which looked really appetizing, that it became my next best thing after gelato during the event haha.

Guests were also encouraged to design their own Mio Gelati shirt (congrats to the winners btw) but I think mine’s not IG-worthy enough to share. LOL!

“My Gelato”

Mio Gelati, when translated in Italian, is My Gelato. Gelato is Italian-style ice cream, but unlike ice cream, it’s made of milk instead of cream so it has less fat content. I personally prefer gelato over ice cream because it also packs more flavor.

Mio Gelati started as a dessert truck, and now the brand is starting to put up stalls inside shopping malls. The one in Vertis North is not a stall but a gelato shop wherein you can sit down and enjoy your gelato with a friend. You can visit them on the 3rd level (you can easily spot the shop because it’s pink.)

Regular, Premium, and Alcoholic Gelato!

I am so in love with Mio Gelati’s selection of flavors. You may choose from regular, premium, and alcoholic gelato. You may also have 2 flavors in one cup.

Mio Gelati Flavors
Regular: Bubble Gum, Cookies & Cream, Espresso Chips, Strawberry, and Vanilla

Premium: Willy Wonka, Matcha Green Tea, Lucky Charms, Pistachio, Black Chocolate, Cookie Butter, Cookie Monster, Ferrero Rocher, Salted Caramel, Oreo Mint, Toasted Marshmallow, Blueberry Cheesecake, Coffee Crumble, Chili Chocolate, Mango Cream Pie, and Milo Dinosaur

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Alcoholic: Beer, Tequila Rose, and Baileys
Mio Gelati Philippines

So far my favorites are Oreo Mint and Chili Chocolate. Mint + chocolate has always been my choice when it comes to chocolate bars and chocolate candies. The chili chocolate was quite a surprise for me because I haven’t tried anything like it before and I found the mix of hot and cold elements interesting. 

NEW Gelato Shakes + Smoresicles!

During the launch, I also get to try Mio Gelati’s new offerings. I’m sure these will take your dessert cravings to a whole new level.

  • Fruitopia. Cereal-based milkshake goodness topped with fruit loops for an out of this world breakfast-inspired drink.
  • Salted Caramallows. Biscoff cookies and torched marshmallows give this salted caramel shake a unique twist. All brown. All good.
  • Hazelatto. Dig into this goldmine of a hazelnut drink with gold sprinkles and a huge Ferrero chocolate on top! A real gem awaits.
  • Unicornbow. Of rainbows and unicorns. A dash of color here and there. And a whole lot of happy sprinkles make this bubblegum x strawberry drink a favorite of many!
  • Fudgelatto. Dark and delicious. A double dose of real premium chocolatey goodness guaranteed to satisfy one’s cravings.
  • Smoresicles. Yummy and quite handy! Dark chocolate gelato based covered generously with torched marshmallows for that sumptuous quick fix on a stick.

Mio Gelati Menu

I visited Mio Gelati again with my family and they were in dessert heaven! My kids love milkshakes and they were all over Fruitopia.

We also ordered Smoresicles. You get the same ‘camping with S’mores’ vibe (torched marshmallows) but it got even better with the gelato filling. 

Don’t wait for summer! Get your gelato fix when you visit Ayala Malls Vertis North and follow their social media accounts for promo updates.


Mio Gelati
3rd floor, Ayala Malls Vertis North

Published: 2017-11-24 09:14:04

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