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Sexy Costumes by PartyGal Lingerie




PartyGal Lingerie

November month is nearly approaching and Halloween parties will soon be everywhere. When I was a little kid, I never look forward to these costume parties, well except for those that were required in school. I never liked “costume play” back then the way I do now, wherein I’m currently designing a Japanese costume for my son’s party.

Well here’s good news for women who love to dress up! This season, PartyGal Lingerie offers a variety of sexy Halloween costumes. These yummy outfits are affordable, making them too good to pass up. Here are my 3 personal favorites from the collection.


Dirty Dirty Cop – Php 1,535

Party Gal Lingerie - Dirty Dirty Cop


Queen Bee – Php 1,325

Party Gal Lingerie - Queen Bee

Hottie Ahoy – Php 1,425

Party Gal Lingerie - Hottie Ahoy


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PartyGal Lingerie also has the Love Me Lingerie (Babydolls and Chemise) and the Playtime Collection (more daring, bedroom costumes). Don’t miss out on the lovely costume corsets too. To order, visit the PartyGal Lingerie website.

More good news ladies! Enter this promo code “purplepieces143 to get this feet accessory as a freebie!


PartyGal Lingerie - feet accessories



More PartyGal Lingerie sexy costumes!

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  1. Nisha

    hmmm some very nice outfits.I like the police women and the disney one!

    26 . Apr . 2011

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