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Protect Your Bones and Joints with the New Anlene Total Milk


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The expert in bone nutrition, Anlene, introduces its newest formula to protect joints and bones – Anlene Total. Fonterra, the maker of this leading bone health milk brand in the Philippines, promotes bone health awareness through their milk products enriched with essential bone strengthening nutrients. Anlene provides twice as much calcium as regular milk so it helps reduce bone breakdown within 4 weeks.

Anlene Total Powdered Milk

Drinking milk everyday is a legacy my mom passed onto me so I’m confident to say that my bones are stronger than other people my age. Those who don’t drink milk regularly may not realize that joints and joint cartilages also experience daily wear and tear. The Glucosamine (building blocks of joint cartilages) is reduced with age, which leads to the degeneration of joints called Osteoarthritis.

The new Anlene Total Milk has a unique combination of Nano-Calcium & Glucosamine. It helps protect not only your bones but your joints as well. For sports buffs and athletes, drinking Anlene Total means “securing” the health of bones and joints in order to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle. For me, I need my daily dose to meet the physical demands of motherhood

Anlene Milk Philippines

New Anlene Total was recently launched in an event held at Beyond Yoga Studio through a demonstration of customized exercises by US-certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, Master Trainer Mark Wood. Guests experienced how daily physical activities present damage to bones and joints. The program was also highlighted by an impressive Anti-Gravity Yoga routine from the Beyond Yoga instructors.

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Published: 2013-05-28 13:03:51

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