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Being a Stay-at-Home Mom: The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made



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Being a stay-at-home mom is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs of all – well at least for me. My mother is one, and I’m “successfully” treading the same old path.


It has already been 2 years since I quit my regular day job and embarked on a new career – hands-on motherhood. Like many other SAHMs out there, I had my reasons for doing so. I was at a crossroads when I had my first baby and felt the need to decide whether to be a full-time mother or not, considering well the pros and cons.
I still kept my job and waited for at least one year to make sure I wasn’t throwing away something which I would sooner or later regret. But, my motherwit was stronger than my logic. I was also bothered by the fact that my baby was spending more time with his yaya (nanny) instead of me.
Because I wasn’t at home most of the time, I overlooked some important details regarding my son’s welfare. I inspected his feeding bottles and nipples one time and was horrified to spot mold thriving in them. I also noticed that his teeth weren’t properly brushed, resulting to early childhood caries or tooth decay. I’ve later learned that the yaya was giving him ice scramble every afternoon. He was then hospitalized for having respiratory problems and that was the last straw. I had to find another nanny for him.
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I felt guilty afterwards so I’ve also decided to quit my job (which was a hard decision during the time) and started making worthwhile experiences with my son. My first year as a stay-at-home mom was the hardest. Boredom and loneliness often struck me. If not for the Internet and social media to connect with my former officemates and friends, I could have not lasted this long. I was also not accustomed to looking after a mischievous and hard-to-feed toddler – all day and all night long. Aside from these, living only on one income (my husband’s) became a real challenge that I had to let go of some of my usual luxuries. These are only few of the disadvantages of choosing to be a full-time mom.

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On the contrary, staying at home also has its benefits and little perks for me. I don’t have to deal with the hassle of commuting back and forth to work, I am currently exploring new career possibilities and finding creative ways to earn money, I have more time to experiment new dishes in the kitchen, I learn to appreciate the pleasures of a humble lifestyle, and I have more time with those I care about. And the most rewarding of all, I’m confident that my son is being taken cared of properly. I will soon become a mother of two, and I intend to do everything for my new baby’s safety and welfare as well.

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Published: 2013-02-26 11:18:09

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