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My First Bento Accessories from Saizen Trinoma


I’ve finally decided to try bento-making so I shopped for a few bento tools and accessories at Saizen Trinoma last week. I was hesitant to take the plunge and get artsy fartsy with food because there are a bunch of talented moms out there who create out of this world bento lunches and I’m not sure if mine would actually get to that level. But then I realized that I’m doing this for my kids. I’m doing this because I want my kids to enjoy their food and it would be great if they’ll eventually appreciate the effort I put into cooking and preparing their food.

My first bento attempts were inspired by my eldest, the world’s pickiest eater. You may check out my post Preparing Meals for my Hard to Feed Toddler to see my almost-bento style meal plans I’ve done in the past.

Recently on quite a few number of instances, I have also struggled to make bento without any cutting tools.

Bento Wafers Sandwiches

It was just last month that I knew about the different bento tools and accessories. I’ve been to Saizen by Daiso Japan two or three times and I can’t believe I always overlook the bento area. I love Saizen (thanks for opening a branch here in the Philippines!) because they have affordable and cute Japanese merchandise.

I’ve taken home with me 4 items from Saizen (it’s inside the True Value store by the way), just enough to get me started and keep me motivated. 

I found these drawing pens and I knew I had to buy them. They are used for making small details (smiley faces) and decorating food with scribbles. The tips differ in sizes — 1mm, 1.5 mm, and 2mm — to make way for thin or thick lines. I haven’t tried these yet but the instruction says that I can “simply draw characters and illustrations with ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, chocolate, cream, and other sauces.”

Saizen Bento Accessories
Drawing Pens (PhP 88)

These animal food picks are hanging on a separate shelf that I almost missed them. I’ve been searching for food picks for quite a long while and I’m just happy that I got my first [ever] set. Food picks are for picking up fruit slices and for decorating cupcakes, sandwiches, or rice balls.

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Saizen Daiso Animal Food Picks
Animal Food Picks (PhP 44)

Sandwich Maker. I know this will be useful when making pocket sandwiches so I got one. The heart-shaped hole serves as a guide for the filling. I tried making my first sandwich with this tool but the edges didn’t stick together as expected. The instruction at the back mentions about keeping the bread moist and soft (using a microwave) beforehand to keep the edges completely sealed. 

Saizen Daiso Trinoma
Sandwich Maker (PhP 88)
Saizen Store Trinoma
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I easily get the attention of my eldest with rice balls. I have here 3 adorable rice shapers — heart, star, and bear.

Saizen Rice Mold
Rice Ball Moulds (PhP 88)

So I made this simple bento on a plate and called it Animal Parade. I made bear rice balls mixed with tinapa flakes and salted egg, then decorated each with animal picks.

Can you tell me which Saizen branch is best when it comes to bento shopping? I have a crazy feeling I’d be collecting more bento tools in the future. Ü

Saizen Bento Food Picks


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