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My Booktique Wish List


Book lovers, bookworms, bibliophiles, and book nerds must check out Booktique, an online specialty shop for readers. They sell unique items and book essentials such as bookmarks, book lights and stands, book straps, and droolworthy pieces and collectibles inspired by your favorite books and novels. Below is a list of my top picks from the store.

It was love at first sight.. This “Bad Girl at the Bookstore” Tote Bag (PhP 345) is made from thick, good quality canvas which can hold heavy books.

Booktique Book Totes

There are also necklaces to let everybody know your love for books. I like this chic “read” pendant. I’d wear it to help promote the love for reading. It already comes with a 24-inch ball chain.

Booktique Read Necklace

I’m a Hunger Games fan so I picked this “Girl on Fire” statement necklace. It’s made of hard plastic with precision engraving. This necklace + braided hair = Katniss Everdeen!

Booktique Girl on Fire Necklace

Booktique also sells customized book lockets made of durable stainless steel. These mini book lockets can be worn as pendants or as charms for bracelets. They have the Hunger Games trilogy series (PhP 175 per piece, PhP 450 for 3 pieces)!

Booktique Book Bracelet - The Hunger Games Trilogy

And these too! Right now I’m obsessed with the TV series Game of Thrones (PhP 175 per piece, PhP 750 for all 5 pieces). I’m sure sporting these book lockets will keep me motivated to finish all the books.

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Booktique Game of Thrones Book Lockets

Dress up your books? Why not! These waterproof Booktique Bookovers (PhP 345) protect your book while making it look fashionable. Book covers are also useful if you want people to stay clueless about the books you read. Teehee.

These fabric book covers are made from durable waterproof vinyl and come with a built-in ribbon marker. They are available in different sizes.

Booktique Waterproof Bookcovers

This Book Couch (PhP 1,295) will make you and your book sit comfortably. Its unique shape is designed to hold books, magazines, iPads, and Kindles. They have one in color purple.

Booktique Book Couch

Booktique Purple Book Couch

Lastly, the floating bookshelf (PhP 895). I can’t quite imagine how the steel bars holding the books became invisible. It’s a bookshelf and decor in one by Umbra.

Floating Book Shelf by Umbra


Booktique Reading Gifts and Accessories

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