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Budget-friendly Autumn Accessories


What’s better than the arrival of autumn? Chilly weather ushers in the falling of crunchy orange leaves and the temperature allows for stylish almost-winter outfits. You have dug through your wardrobe and while you have all your cooler clothes laid out you have noticed that your accessories are seriously lacking. That’s the thing, isn’t it? A bunch of your clothes work from season to season and never go out of style, but accessories can be extremely dated if you like to follow the trends. Bargain Hunters blog would help you with more such information and tips to keep you updated.

Budget-friendly Autumn Accessories

Are you looking to improve your fashion game with autumn accessories, but you’re on a budget? Perhaps the best thing about autumn is that basically, every accessory is budget-friendly! Even if that means buying a leather handbag and the boots to match.  

  1. A Scarf

Scarves are available for a variety of budgets and in different materials, styles, colours, and patterns. With just one piece of fashion, you can completely change the look of your entire outfit. Check out the discounts on scarves from Edinburgh Woollen Mill.


Just don’t forget you will need a few different scarves so you can rotate them throughout the season. Don’t forget about winter!


  1. Waterproof Handbag

What better excuse to invest in a new handbag than the arrival of a new season? Of course, you’ll need to ensure its waterproof, so you can comfortably carry it all the time and right through winter, too.


It’s going to serve as your everyday bag so make sure it’s going to blend with your typical outfits. You don’t need to go for something patterned or bright – autumnal colours are a perfect choice here. You can still buy a good quality handbag on a budget, but don’t jump at the first bag just because it fits your budget. You want something that is going to handle the weather and everything else you’re going to throw at.


  1. Boots

It’s the beginning of boot season and what better way to kick it off than buying a brand-new pair of delicious boots? Luckily, you can get amazing discounts from Hotter Shoes. Feel free to go thigh high (or even for the knee), but autumn is the ideal time to rock those ankle boots like you’ve been desperate to all year!


  1. Flashy Hat

Even if you don’t get a particularly warm summer it’s still a bit much to try to pull off a sassy hat. However, the arrival of autumn is the ideal opportunity to try out a variety of different hats – whether you’re a fedora type of person or you feel most confident in a flat cap.


Just remember how hats react to the wind and rain and buy accordingly – consider using hairpins to keep it in place on windy days.


  1. Raincoat

Does it count as an accessory? Of course, it definitely does. There are transparent pieces, so you don’t have to cover up how on trend your outfit is, or you can choose a more traditional option that will elevate your overall look.


Hey, don’t forget to get a stylish umbrella to match – you might as well complete the look, right?


  1. Jumpers

Whether you want autumnal patterns, you’re easing into Christmas prints, or you just want a delicious cashmere jumper to keep the wind away – a jumper is a great way to settle into autumn.


You’ll need a fair few to get you through the chilly months, though, buy right and you can wear them right through winter.


  1. Jewellery

Autumnal colours are gorgeous and what better way to work them into your outfits than with brand new jewellery? Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are the perfect way to harness those delicious colours into any outfit you’re wearing.


  1. Phone Cover

If everything else is getting an update doesn’t your phone cover deserve one, too? Whether you want something covered in pumpkins, a leafy pattern or just an autumn colour – treat your phone like you treat yourself.


  1. Gloves

It might not be quite cold enough for gloves everyday yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get ahead of the game and buy yours now. Sure, save the heavier options for the coldest months – but there’s nothing stopping you from picking up some autumnal coloured knit gloves to accessorise with.


  1. Nail Polish

Oranges, browns, reds, and nail foils to boot. Gone are the bright colours of summer and in come the deep, rich colours of autumn. It’s time to get your nails done and you have a whole season to experiment with new autumn looks. Whether you do them at home or head to the salon – it’s a brave new world.

You don’t need to feel guilty as you buy your budget-friendly autumn accessories because not only are you grabbing incredible discounts but many of the items you buy will still serve you throughout the winter months. So, go on and treat yourself.

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