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How to Prepare for Costume Parties




Costume parties are not just normal gatherings. They require wearing special outfits like fancy dress costumes that match the theme of the party. Here are some tips to follow if you are invited to such parties.



Masquerade party mask


  • Stick to the theme. Choosing the right costume that fits the theme is important. Don’t enter the scene wearing a ballerina outfit when it’s a rock star party. You also have to ask the host of the party whether it’s going to be dead-serious or a mere hat would be fine.
  • Consider comfort. Never wear a costume that you feel you won’t be comfortable in it. Also, if the party will last all night long, pick an outfit that you can wear for hours. If a costume party will only be for an hour, you may sacrifice a little bit of comfort for style.
  • Be resourceful. You won’t be needing a ridiculously high-priced costume to look fabulous. After carefully choosing your character to portray, check your wardrobe if there’s anything you can use – old dresses, hats, feather boas, and accessories. DIY costume tutorials are available on the Internet so all you have to do is squeeze those creative juices out and be patient.
  • Smart shopping. Search for online costume stores and check out their on-sale items. If you have vintage shops near your area, visit them. Also go to thrift shops for shopping for smaller costume details.
  • Ask for ideas. Sending a message to your friends and asking for their opinion and suggestions that might help you decide if you’re about to choose an outfit. Let them know your thoughts about your dream costume too.
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Published: 2011-05-21 16:19:03

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