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KFC Krushers: Strawberry Banana Yoghurt





I’ve just tried Strawberry Banana Yoghurt Krush by KFC Krushers. Although it’s considered a beverage by many, for me it’s a yummy dessert!





Unlike other ice blended shakes, it has more of the real thing than ice. The consistency is frothy and milky (thanks to the yoghurt!) rather than sharp and icy. There are also small bits of strawberry and banana as well as traces of hardened cheese.

I let my husband try the Cookies and Cream and he liked it – tastes like milkshake with just the right amount of sweetness filled with crushed Oreo cookies.

KFC Krushers is available in 3 flavors for Php 75.00 each: Strawberry Banana Yoghurt, Karamel Krunch, and Kookies & Kream.



Published: 2009-09-08 22:27:00

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