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Kimukatsu: 25 Layers Katsu in 7 Mouthwatering Flavors


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We had an awesome gastronomic experience at Kimukatsu last month. Its first branch is at Edsa Shangrila Mall (beside Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen) and its specialty is Kimukatsu, a pork katsu dish cooked in mille-feuille style (25 layers) and available in 7 flavors.

The interiors are mostly black, with traces of light colors such as white, yellow, and pink. I was impressed by the cherry blossoms wall mural which depicts a Sakura nighttime illumination in Japan.

Kimukatsu Philippines

We started off with a hot cup of Mugicha or roasted barley tea. It’s a popular tea in Japan and Korea. I like it’s toasted taste and aroma, plus it’s caffeine free. Then we were served with two kinds of soup, the white and the red miso soup. Almost everything in the place screams of balance (black and white menu books, black and white plates) that’s why I wasn’t surprised about the soup. The white miso has a lighter taste, while the red one is strong and more flavorful. Both were good but I prefer the latter.

Kimukatsu Miso Soup

So like in Yabu, you need to grind your own sesame seeds. Grinding will bring out the seeds’ flavor and aroma. They can be added on just about any dish from their menu, including the dips. They also have raw cabbage salad paired with sesame dressing. The consistency of the goma sauce is a bit runny for my preference but it’s still good.

Kimukatsu Restaurant Philippines

Ebi Mayo (PhP 210) is a perfect balance of crispiness and softness. The mayo dressing is sweet and light and the breaded shrimps are cooked just right. Best paired with beer.

Kimukatsu Philippines Ebi Mayo

Another delish side menu is Kimutaku (PhP 110), a mix of Korean kimchi and Japanese kimchi. I don’t really enjoy kimchi or anything pickled but this one’s a winner. The sourness and the unique mix of spices are truly appetizing.

Kimukatsu Philippines Kimutaku Kimchi

Kimukatsu offers 25 layers of katsu in plain, cheese, garlic, black pepper, yuzu kosho, ume shiso, and negi shio flavors. You can sample all 7 flavors for only PhP 2400, inclusive of 6 rice sets. Each rice set (PhP 210) includes UNLIMITED rice, cabbage, choice of red or white miso soup, and Japanese pickles. This is great value for your money especially when you come in groups. I’ve also included the prices for each katsu below just in case you’re coming in solo.

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Kimukatsu Menu Manila

The first 3 flavors are best dipped in Tonkatsu sauce (a thicker, more tangy-tasting sauce) and the last 3 in Shoyu sauce (special soy sauce dip).

  • Plain (PhP 380). The standard kimukatsu with the natural taste of high-grade pork in mille-feuille style.
  • Cheese (PhP 390). Savory cheddar cheese oozing in the middle. Best selling flavor in Japan. A hit with the kids too!
  • Garlic (PhP 380). Filled with freshly minced garlic. You’ll enjoy its strong garlicky taste!
  • Black Pepper (PhP 390). Coated with high-grade black pepper all around. Medium spicy.
  • Yuzu Kosho (PhP 430). Boasts of a traditional Japanese taste of yuzu fruits and green chili pepper. Very spicy!
  • Ume Shiso (PhP 430). Japanese sour plum and Shiso leaf, popular among females in Japan. This one has a unique Oriental taste.
  • Negi Shio (PhP 380). Refreshing flavor of marinated spring onion in every bite. Tastes like Chinese dumpling.

The breaded exterior of the katsu is crispy while the pork inside is juicy and tender. This mille-feuille style of cooking allows for a softer katsu, because there are spaces in between layers, and there are also some fats in the middle. My favorites are Cheese, Garlic, Ume Shiso, and Yuzu Kosho.

Kimukatsu Edsa Shang

Katsu is never complete without rice, and speaking of it, I’m really obsessed with their Koshihikari Rice. Served in a wooden container to contain heat, it has a shiny translucent appearance. Its taste is sweet and nutty. Its texture is soft yet firm, and it’s not soggy at all. It’s a bit sticky; perfect for people who are using chopsticks. Probably the best rice I’ve had in my entire 28 years of life. If ever I have all the money in the world to spend for rice, this would be it.

Kimukatsu Philippines Koshihikari Rice

We capped off our meal with Japanese Panna Cotta (PhP 110). This creamy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness is very refreshing. Each spoonful makes me want to eat more. Its made with tapioca and topped with roasted soybean flour and sesame seeds. This one’s a must-try.

Kimukatsu Philippines Japanese Panna Cotta

I recommend this resto to all Japanese food and katsu lovers out there. We are surely going back for more. Special thanks to Mr. Kenji Komuro and to the staff at Edsa Shangri-La branch for inviting us over.

Kimukatsu Menu Philippines


5/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, East Wing, Shaw Blvd cor EDSA, Mandaluyong City

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