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MYOH 2011 Will Let You Travel in Style


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Havaianas - MYOH 2011 logo


Travel in Personalized Style

MYOH has become a summer tradition for flip-flops aficionados. This year, Make Your Own Havaianas celebrates with all flip-flops lovers,  travel enthusiasts, and people who live like it’s always summer.

MYOH 2011 will be open to the public in Rockwell Tent on May 12 – 16, beginning at 10AM. For first timers, read these MYOH tips by Badudets. You can also try creating a virtual version of your customized pair using this MYOH app. Check prices here: Prices

For more info, visit

“Havaianas new designs pay homage to the fashion capitals of the world (New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, and more) – so now, Havaianas can truly be your ultimate travel companion to your dream destination!”

MYOH 2011 - Havaianas Soles, Straps, Pins, Charms

Limited edition soles (available in Top and Slim designs) and iconic pins from around the world will sure give Havaianaticos and travel buffs their very own trendy travel experience.”

MYOH 2011 Special Limited Pairs

The event was held at the Rockwell Tent, Makati the other day. Guests in summer outfits were all around the place – enjoying good food, meeting other “travelers”, and creating their own travel-inspired flip-flops designs.

Havaianas recognized fun, stylish people who enjoy going someplace new and truly live out the summer spirit of Havaianas wherever they go. They are called the Havaianas Citizens of Summer: Alvey Alfonso, Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Cecile Van Straten, Hindy Weber-Tantoco, Luke Landrigan, Margarita Fores, Professor Fantasma, Rosanna Ocampo, Sassa Jimenez, Stephanie Kienie, and Stephanie Zubiri.

MYOH 2011 - Citizens of Summer

“For Havaianas Citizens of Summer, the delights of going someplace new and imbibing different cultures and experiences anywhere around the world are never a dull moment. They believe that travelling provides inspiration to hone their personal passions as well as fashion styles. Comfort and personal style are two essentials that any jetsetter should have for every travel.”


MYOH 2011 Event Photos

A spectacular luncheon of international cuisines prepared by Ms. Margarita Flores.

MYOH 2011 - Margarita Fores Restaurateur

MYOH 2011 - Food Menu

MYOH 2011 Manila
Bigger venue to accommodate Havaianas’ increasing number of fans.
(Rockwell Tent, Makati City)

MYOH 2011 - Media Event

Havaianas MYOH 2011 - Citizens of Summer

MYOH 2011 - Travel in Personalized Style

MYOH 2011 - Rockwell Tent Makati

Havaianas Limited Edition Soles - MYOH 2011 Travel

MYOH 2011 - Make Your Own Havaianas


Make Your Own Havaianas!

Step 1: Choose your size.

Havaianas Personalized Flip Flops

Step 2: Mix and match! Choose your straps and soles, pins and charms.
(Click photo for prices)

Havaianas MYOH 2011 - Mix and Match Flip Flops

Step 3: Make your design come to life! Go to the Havaianas team and they’ll help you out.
(My friend Charm waiting for her fab slippers!)

MYOH 2011 - Rockwell Tent

Step 4: The fun part – embellishing! Let them know where exactly do you want to place your pins and charms on the straps.

Make Your Own Havaianas - MYOH 2011

Tadaa! My special pair of Havs matches my style perfectly. I’m off to Paris! (I wish..)

Soles: Havaianas Slim in Black
Straps: Slim Rubber Logo (“Estampas”) in Purple
Pins: Eiffel Tower, Cassette Tape, and I Love PH
Charms: Black Crystal Charm

MYOH 2011 - Eiffel Tower Pin - Cassette Tape Pin

MYOH 2011 - Havaianas Slim Rubber Logo - Purple Straps

MYOH 2011 - Havaianas I Love PH Pin

MYOH 2011 - Havainas Black Crystal Charm

‘Til next year MYOH! Thank you for inviting me.


MYOH 2011 - VIP Invitation


Havaianas Philippines

Published: 2011-05-12 00:48:53

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