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Snoe White Soap in Organic Green Papaya


I was introduced to Snoe Beauty products by some of the most popular beauty bloggers in the country. I’ve been trying out some of their beauty bars and here’s my first Snoe White soap review.
The Snoe White Organic Green Papaya soap is made of papaya pulp instead of papaya essence. Papain enzymes of green papaya were claimed to be more effective in lightening and whitening than the ones in the orange papaya. The soap also helps prevent early signs of ageing, which at this point is something I need.

Snoe Beauty Organic Green Papaya Beauty Bar
Snoe Beauty – Snoe White Organic Green Papaya Beauty Bar (PhP 140)

My skin tone is somewhere in the middle and I’m not aiming for a “white” complexion. I could have chosen glutathione shots a long time ago if I wanted to. The only skin problem I want to address is uneven skin tone. Mosquito bites always leave dark spots on my legs and this has been an ongoing skin issue. I’m loving this soap so far because it does wonders to my skin.


The Good:

  • It’s organic, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic
  • It contains high-grade extra virgin coconut oil
  • Dark spots lightened within 2 weeks of continued use
  • The papaya scent isn’t overpowering
  • Makes my skin feel tighter after every use
  • Leaves a subtle “glowing” effect on my skin
  • The soap is reasonably-priced

The Bad (sort of):

  • My skin is normally dry so it adds up to an even more dry skin, but applying a moisturizing lotion afterwards solves the problem.
  • Drying effect is 2 (from a scale of 1 to 5)
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I have also tried the Exfoliating Oatmeal and the Special Bleaching Black soap variants earlier this year when I wasn’t pregnant yet. I will post my reviews soon. 🙂

Snoe Beauty Organic Green Papaya Soap Review
Snowflake-engraved organic beauty soap by Snoe Beauty. They have a stall in Landmark, Trinoma.

Snoe Beauty
Landmark Department Store Trinoma, Robinson’s Galleria, Market Market, SM Center Valenzuela, more at

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