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Snowmaiden: A Russian Love Story (An Aerial and Acrobatic Showcase) in Skydome


As a lover of fairy tales and anything magical, I didn’t let the opportunity pass to watch Snowmaiden: A Russian Love Story at SM North EDSA Skydome two weeks ago.

Snow Maiden, or Snegurochka (‘sneg’ is the Russian word for snow), is one of Russia’s most loved characters. Snegurochka became popular in the 19th century when Russian playwright Aleksandr Ostrovsky wrote the play Spring Fairytale based on the legend.

SnowMaiden A Russian Love Story Show SM North EDSA Skydome1
Quick page:

Snow Maiden is the beautiful daughter of Frost and Spring, and she’s immortal but won’t be able to feel love. Spring, her mother, gave her a gift of Love Wreath and soon, Snow Maiden fell in love. When she left her forest, she melted then turned into a cloud.

Today, Snegurochka is depicted as a helper to Father Frost, the Russian Santa Claus. She is believed to give gifts to children so she’s popular with the younger generation. Little girls even dress up like her in light winter attire.

Aerial and Acrobatic Showcase

When I was invited to watch the show Snowmaiden, I thought it was just a simple film viewing. I even expected the story to be somewhat similar to Frozen. But I was surprised to witness such an inspiring narrative reflective of the colorful and unique culture of Russia.

In between animation clips were the aerial, acrobatic, gymnastic and musical acts by the most talented performers from Russia and the Philippines. My son and I were really entertained by several heart-stopping routines:

  • Duo Adagio – Combining acrobatic balancing acts, partner lifts and tosses, with magical sleight of hand illusions, this live performance exemplifies the graceful merging of two beings to create beautiful movements as one. Just as love and sacrifice come hand in hand, this showcase highlights the chemistry between two people in love.
  • Solo and Duo Bondarenko-Straps – Taking aerial acrobatic acts to a whole new level, these upbeat and daring performances will take anyone’s breath away! Performed by one or two artists suspended by aerial straps, the intensity of the choreography and heightened difficulty level of each segment lends magnificence to an already glorious storyline.
  • Cyr Wheel – Exotic performance with the use of an aluminum ring that resembles an oversized hula hoop. Rolling the heavy ring on its edge, the wheel traces a slow path spinning gyroscopically while performing acrobatic moves in and around the rotating wheel.
  • Duo Silk – Performed by a couple suspended a few meters above the ground, secured only by silk bands, this high-intensity acrobatic routine combines breathtaking stunts and beautiful aerial choreography that brings out a symphony of emotions from both the performers and audiences.
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Z and I have our own favorites from the show: The Live Sand Painting, the Cyr Wheel, and the Duo Silk. Such a real showcase of talents!

Check out some of our Boomerang videos below (click the right arrow!) 🙂

Snowmaiden: A Russian Love Story show will run from September 2017 to February 2018 at SM City North EDSA Skydome. For tickets, send your inquiries to Tickets will also be available soon at

Thank you, D’ Ultimate Talent and Entertainment Corp. for this grandiose production. 🙂

D Ultimate Talent and Entertainment Corp

Snowmaiden A Russian Love Story - Aerial and Acrobatic Showcase

Published: 2017-10-04 21:45:32


  1. mamaspeaksagain

    It must have been an spectacle watch such a display a talents. Would love to watch it, medyo malayo nga lang amg venue. I hope they could have another venue near Makati. Thank you for sharing.

    09 . Oct . 2017
  2. Michi (@michisolee)

    I’m not familiar with this story. Feeling ko parang Frozen din siya so hindi pala. I’m not sure if my son will enjoy aerial and acrobatic show, parang once pa lang kami nakapanood ng acrobatic show.

    09 . Oct . 2017
  3. Nerisa

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this story. Turning it into acrobatics (another form of art) makes it more enjoyable to the younger viewers. I hope we can watch this too.

    09 . Oct . 2017
  4. Janice

    I wonder why I never heard about this show. I would’ve loved to see it with my kids. It sounds like it was a lot of fun to watch especially the acrobatics.

    10 . Oct . 2017
  5. Janice

    Oh, just noticed it’s until next year pa pala. We still have a chance to watch it then. 🙂 Thanks!

    10 . Oct . 2017
  6. momi berlin

    Makes me want to see it as well with the boys. Though I doubt the story is what my boys would love, I am positive they will be in awe re the stunts.

    07 . Nov . 2017
  7. nilyncartagena

    Looks like an amazing show! We’d always pass by SM North’s Skydome pero but never tried any of their shows yet. I hope one day we can be there in one of their shows as well. Btw, nakakatuwa ang snowflakes sa blog mo! haha. ♥

    30 . Nov . 2017

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