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Tips to Save Money While Being Fashionable





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By Guest Blogger Lesley Scott

Staying up on the latest trends can eat away your budget in a hurry. But it doesn’t have to. With some creativity and an eye for what works, you can look like you spent a fortune on your wardrobe without busting the budget. When I shop for work or leisure clothes, I keep a few things in mind to make sure that I am getting the most for my money.


Get the right fit. It is so disappointing when you take that adorable top or dress or pants into the dressing room only to find it is a little baggy or snug in all the wrong places. Resist the urge to buy it anyway. Even if almost fits right, it will be uncomfortable and find its way to the back of your closet. Sometimes I find clothes that are just too fantastic to pass up, even though they might not fit quite right. If I really can’t live without it and it is at a great price, I will purchase it and get it tailored.

Cover the basics. Making sure that your wardrobe includes the simple skirt, casual dress pants, and other basics will do wonders to save you money. Select clothes that can be easily dressed up or down and accessorized to give you a whole new look.

Mix it up. Just as important as having a some great basics in your closet is making sure that most of the items in your closet work well together. When you are shopping, evaluate each item in terms of what you can wear it with. This makes it so much easier to mix up your clothes to create fresh looks.

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Tips to Save Money While Being Fashionable


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Shop second hand. While you can find some great items at your local second hand shop, browsing through the racks at a thrift store or consignment shop is not for everyone. If  you don’t have the time or patience to search for that great piece, consider using online auction sites like ebay. Searching by item and size makes the process much faster and easier, although trying it on isn’t possible and returns are often not accepted.

Bargain hunt. It’s disappointing to fall in love with something at a boutique shop, only to flip the tag over and realize that buying this one item would completely blow your budget. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get what you want without spending a fortune. Often, if you just wait a few weeks, it will go on sale. Or go online and search by the name brand and size and you may find it on a discount site. Or check out other retailers who may offer it, or something acceptably similar, at a lower price.

Great fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. By limiting impulse buys and thinking of your wardrobe as a whole, you can save money while being fashionable.


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