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Upside Down Museum: Topsy-turvy Fun for the Family


Upside Down Museum is one of the destinations that we visited during my son’s field trip last September. We were excited because it was our first time in a museum with an upside down concept.

Upside Down Museum in the Philippines is an interactive museum inspired by similar concepts in Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and USA. The one we have here in PH is bigger and comes with more illusions to give a one-of-a-kind attraction for Filipino families.

Upside Down Museum - Pasay City Philippines
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My first impression: The vibe was similar to Art in Island (I haven’t blogged about our visit there yet, kumusta naman two years ago na yun!) with all the trickiness involved in every camera shot. Ang difference lang, there aren’t much stuff or installments sa Art in Island, halos wall paintings lahat. And I think Art in Island is bigger than Upside Down. Pero I’ve read somewhere that Upside Down will be having an expansion (a 2nd floor daw SOON), so you might also want to wait for that para sulit na sulit ang pagpunta niyo.

The name “Upside Down” reminded me of Stranger Things (high-five if you’re watching!!) and while inside the museum I felt like the world has gone into a total disorder. Makita mo ba naman yung cars and beds na nasa ceiling, ma-wweirduhan ka talaga. Confused din ako sa mga poses na gagawin namin during our first few shots.


Entrance Fee/Ticket Price

PhP 450 per person
PhP 330 for Senior Citizens/PWDs
FREE for kids 3 years old and below
You can purchase tickets at the venue or at

Location: Boom na Boom Grounds, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd, Pasay City

Operating Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday (11AM – 9PM)


We’ve been there once, but I have some tips for you guys to help you maximize your experience in the “Upside Down”.

1. The real magic happens when you rotate your photos. Wag munang i-rotate ang photos sayang sa oras.. rotate your phone instead so you can see the effect. You will also need a lot of imagination and creativity to come up with awesome-looking poses that will match the set.

Upside Down Museum Promo

2. Since there were scheduled field trips on that day (may kasabay din kaming iba pa), it was crowded inside. We spent at least 5 minutes waiting to get our photos taken for each set. I recommend that you schedule your visit early in the morning so you won’t have to deal with long lines and so that you can move around with ease. After lunch time or late in the afternoon medyo marami ng tao. Hindi ako makapag-pose ng maayos kasi ang daming taong nakatingin. May stage fright pa man din ako!

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For your photos to really stand out, you need to exaggerate. Yes. Promise you won’t look OA. See my photo below? Kulang diba? Hehe.

Upside Down Museum Pasay City

3. There were marshals to help us with picture taking but some of them weren’t really good at shooting the right angles (sorry!). I suggest that you bring someone with you, not necessarily a professional photographer (pero bongga if you can hire one just for that museum haha!), but someone who knows how to take good shots. Sayang kasi.

Upside Down Museum Philippines

4. Research for winning poses on the web before you visit the museum. If I had done this beforehand, ang gaganda sana ng shots namin.

Upside Down Museum Entrance

5. The more the MANY-er! Haha. Upside down group photos look more fun, so visit with the whole family or your barkada.
Upside Down Museum How to Go

The Giant Sneaker. I had to wait for the people at the back to move before I took the shot. 🙂

Upside Down Museum Pasay Entrance Fee

This is the Mirror House, one of the coolest installments in the area. It was easier to pose for the camera ’cause you can see yourself in the mirror. Don’t hesitate to take multiple shots so you can choose the best photos.

Upside Down Museum Pasay Metro Manila Philippines

These are my son’s favorites. He was really amazed by the telephone box that was turned into an aquarium.

They turned on the snow machine (bubbles siya pero snow ang effect) because there were a lot of kids in the area. The happiness on the children’s faces was priceless.

Near the exit is a Korean cafe wherein you can sit down and dine after you’re done with everything.

Upside Down Museum Korean Cafe

My Dad, my sister, and my brother visited the Upside Down Museum two weeks ago. Their photos were much more kabog. Hahaha. 🙂

Upside Down Museum PH

We had a limited time during my son’s field trip (naubusan kami talaga ng oras kakapila!) so we weren’t able to get to these installments. Hindi namin nalibot lahat. 🙁

Upside Down Museum Address

Upside Down Museum Location

Upside Down Museum

Bedroom, laundry room, and entertainment room! 🙂

There’s a Hello Kitty room pa pala!

Upside Down Museum Philippines Ticket Price

Aside from upside down features, there were [minor] illusion sets in every corner. Sa mga ganito wala masyadong pilahan.

Upside Down Museum Philippines Location

Upside Down Museum Philippines Entrance Fee

See what I’m talking about? Perfect shot! 🙂 Right pose, right angle, and no photobombers!

Visit the UPSIDE DOWN MUSEUM. I’m sure you and your family will enjoy exploring a topsy-turvy world. 🙂

Upside Down Museum Star City

Upside Down Museum
Boom na Boom Grounds, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd, Pasay City, Philippines

Published: 2017-11-14 20:14:39


  1. Michi (@michisolee)

    Inggit naman ako, parents are not allowed na sa Field Trip sa amin pag grade school na kids. We haven’t visited Art in Island and this Upside Down Museum. I want to visit this but I’m not sure kung worth it ba yung fee, namamahalan ako. hehehe!

    20 . Nov . 2017
  2. Ann Catherine

    this is so cute very nice for kids, So sad that it’s in Luzon my niece are in Mindanao LOL! maybe if the time comes that we are going to visit Luzon we will be able to visit this place in Pasay. 😀

    22 . Nov . 2017
  3. momi berlin

    Been to Art in island for three or four times and I found the place really entertaining. This Upside down museum seems like way more funnier because everything seems upside down, hence the name. I hope they arent full.on.Christmas break. I plan to.bring my boys there.

    11 . Dec . 2017

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