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The Wedding Kiss – The Supreme Public Manifestation of Love


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In Sweden there is a wedding tradition that I find very fun and really different from the rest of the world. If the groom leaves the room, for any reason, every man has the right to kiss the lonely bride. And vice versa, if the bride leaves the room, every lady has the right to kiss the lonely groom.

If you’re going to have a destination wedding Florida type or a rancho party in North Carolina, you’ll kiss. This is a universal thing – this is what people do at weddings and in general. However, the kiss is almost a tradition for such events. It is the subject of half of the wedding photographs and how cliché it wouldn’t sound I see it as the supreme public manifestation of love.

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We all know that moment when the official or the pastor says that the groom may now kiss the bride. This is a well known ritual that says and celebrates the beginning of the marriage. Almost, every single wedding across the globe has this ritual, which is one of the most important things happening during the event.

When a bride and a groom kiss, the guests are celebrating and greeting it with joyful hollering, clapping, in order to show that it is beautiful. Somehow, the wedding kiss brings a huge happiness and a sense of immense love in the room.

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The kiss symbolizes the unification of two people. When it happens, it feels like a moment of two souls becoming one. Basically, the whole wedding thing consists in one kiss. Because this event means that two separate minds are going to be together for the rest of their lives.

All wedding photographers around the world have to capture a million of kisses every day. The way this ritual is immortalized becomes really important and meaningful to the couple that is getting married. The wedding photographs where the groom’s and bride’s lips touch are going to be posted on their Facebook and bedroom walls. The beautiful kissing ritual of a wedding is the one that’s going to be remembered and cherished for the rest of the couple’s life.

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