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Zenyu Ecospa: A Wonderful Healing Experience


After a tiring work week I ended up at Zenyu Ecospa to be pampered, but most especially, to be healed.

Zenyu Ecospa – H2O Hotel in Manila

Zenyu Ecospa - Logo

About Zenyu Ecospa
“Zenyu” means “Complete Healing”. It’s also called an “Ecospa” because the place was built with negative ion technology from Japan, meaning the air around the spa is constantly cleaned. Dr. Eric Tan of Zenyu Ecospa discussed about the importance of NEGATIVE IONS. FYI, negative ions are in large quantities in beaches, mountains, and waterfalls.

Zenyu Ecospa is located in Manila Ocean Park, inside Hotel H2O, 3rd floor.

To further show how negative ions improve blood circulation, Dr. Tan presented the Capillariscope. It’s a device where capillaries under the nail bed are magnified. I witnessed that my blood flow sped up when a product filled with negative ions was placed on top of my arm.

Zenyu Ecospa - Capillary Scope


We were introduced some Ecoparadise products made with the negative ion technology. An experiment was done using the Ecoparadise Pail. They concocted a Hawthorn enzyme drink with Roselle using ONLY the pail. It actually turned out to be an enticing cocktail drink. FYI, hawthorn is known for neutralizing free radicals in the body.

Zenyu Ecospa - Ecoparadise Products

Zenyu Ecospa - Hawthorn enzyme drink

Zenyu Ecospa - Hawthorn enzyme drink 1

The Hot Bed Therapy was my favorite part. There’s no bed but the experience is rockin’ hot. Just like a sauna but the difference is, the heat is coming from the floor, and that’s where you’ll lie down. Imagine, I’m like a pan de sal (bread) inside a pugon (furnace). I needed to drink water before and during the hot bed therapy to compensate for the loss liquid in my body. The therapy lasted for 30 minutes. I never sweat like that in years. Perspiration is considered waste so it’s really a beneficial treatment for my body systems.

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Great news is, even if you sweat that much you’ll never smell. And even greater news is, you can enjoy 30 minutes of hot bed therapy for around Php 400. I’ll be dragging my family there one of these days. They also need to detoxify!

The Hot Bed “rejuvenates and relaxes, improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism and blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and body toxins, and relieves allergies, colds, and constipation.”

The Hotbed Bed from ecoparadise are made from a special deoxidizing solution that produces negative ions. These are invisible beneficial air molecules that help ward off bactieria, viruses and free radicals.
The hot bed treatment is the first negative ion facility in the country. Breathe in good beneficial air molecules and be well. Negative ions help stabilize free radicals, thus preventing it from mutating in our body. Free radicals are believed to cause heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis and aging.

Zenyu Ecospa - Hot Bed Therapy - Hotel H2o

Zenyu Ecospa - Hot Bed Therapy

After the hot bed, I had a sweet and light Swedish massage and felt incredibly relaxed and sleepy. I even woke up late the next day haha. Special thanks to Ms. Ia Adam-Lim and Dr. Eric Tan.


Published: 2010-09-19 22:21:08

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