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Captivate Your Customers with WAV Digital Media Signage


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It is a fact that human beings are visual creatures. For us, visual information is easier to interpret and process. We hate to admit that appearance is everything but our world today reflects exactly that, and what we perceive in the real world also extends to the virtual world. The rise of social media websites (with posts including videos, images, and infographics), is sufficient proof that we thrive in a visual world.

In marketing and advertising, using a WAV digital media signage is one of the best approaches to gain the attention of consumers. A digital signage or digital media signage is a new exciting medium wherein multimedia content is electronically displayed in public places for the purpose of disseminating information, general advertising, brand building, influencing customer behavior & improving customer experience (increasing “dwell time”), and enhancing the environment.

Digital Signage Company Philippines - WAV

Having DMS inside establishments is an effective brand building strategy. A hotel, for example, can further promote their brand by introducing its facilities, services, and promotions through a personalized photo and video streaming. In other establishments such as banks and payment centers wherein customers wait in long queues, installing one can have positive effect to their patience. These are just some of the benefits for businesses and consumers alike.

WAV Atmospheric Branding, a progressive company specializing in Sensory Marketing, takes advertising to a higher level. Their digital media signage solutions use fully-customizable, up-to-date display technology to suit each client’s requirement. They provide services to shopping malls (interactive touchscreen display showing store list and location), hospitals (health-related issues streaming as internal information), corporate buildings (corporate messages, led bulletins and advisories), restaurants (menu information and food promotions), government offices, banks, hotels, and payment centers. Here in the Philippines, their clients include Smart Payment Centers, Restorante Bigoli, UPIS, and soon, Greenwich.

WAV Atmospheric Branding Philippines is also well-known for their list of other top-notch services — Instore Radio, Scent Marketing, Commercial Sound Installation, and Drive-thru Systems.

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Published: 2014-02-13 16:51:07

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