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Dino Play at The Mind Museum: A Dino-rrific Exhibit


Dino Play at The Mind Museum

My family were able to visit The Mind Museum’s latest traveling exhibition — Dino Play: Explore the Mind-blowing World of Dinosaurs. Launched last June 29, Dino Play is a fascinating exhibit wherein dinosaur fans of all ages are welcome to explore the mysterious world of dinosaurs.

Dino Play_The Mind Museum
Our adventure began when we were greeted by a vintage original Sarao Motors jeep. What an awesome start to our dinosaur journey!

We were also welcomed by a T. Rex sculpture at the entrance with giant dinosaur eggs that my kids can wriggle into. We took a few (nah, a lot!) of Instragram-worthy photos.

Following the massive dino footprints representing the impressions left when dinosaurs used to roam the earth, we prepared ourselves for exploring Dino Play’s 4 nests: Dino Dig, Dino Lab, Dino Fun, and Dino Den.


Dino Dig

The first nest is Dino Dig. At the Dino Dig, kids become researchers and paleontologists who study dinosaurs and ancient biology through fossils. My kids enjoyed dusting off rocks and sand using their Paleontologist Field Kits to reveal ancient fossil pieces hidden in excavation sites slash boxes.

Dino Lab

Studying about fossils and the previous lives of dead creatures further led us to the Dino Lab. The Dino Lab houses actual fossil remains. There were magnifying glasses to help us examine them — dinosaur bones, petrified wood, ancient shelled creatures called ammonites, and even dinosaur poop that has since turned to stone.

Dino Fun

The third area is Dino Fun. Here, N played with kinetic sand to create make-believe fossils using a variety of dinosaur molds.

Z, on the other hand, had a pleasant time climbing the Dino Lookout Tower as he pretended to test his physical prowess and also to spot rogue dinosaurs that may be hiding in the vicinity. Rawr!

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Dino Den

Then after almost an hour of fully immersing ourselves in the world of dinosaurs, my kids played dress-up to feel what it’s like to become dinosaurs. There are several colorful dino costumes to choose from. Oops, don’t forget the tail! 🙂

In this activity area recommended for kids 2-8 years old, kids can play pretend, stomp around and leave dino footprints (with the help of Dino Slippers) in a forest land setting. 

My bunso is obsessed with colors and shapes so he spent most of this time playing with the large dinosaur shape puzzle board.

Dinosaurs are one of the most intriguing creatures that ever walked the earth so don’t miss the chance to introduce these fascinating prehistoric beasts to your little ones as you explore the world of dinosaurs at The Dino Play.

Thank you so much Green Bulb PR for making this educational trip [for my kids] possible. 🙂


The Mind Museum’s traveling exhibition Dino Play will be on display in the Museum for a limited run, until October 6, 2016 only. The exhibition aims to travel to cities and provinces around the country as part of The Mind Museum’s mission to bring science closer to the general public.

Entrance Fees:

Dino Play* only
Child/Student PhP 200
Adults PhP 100

The Mind Museum (3-hour tour) + Dino Play*
Child/Student PhP 650
Adults PhP 700

*Enjoy Dino Play exhibition for 90 minutes choosing from these timeslots:
9am-10:30am | 10:30am-12nn | 12nn-1:30pm | 1:30pm-3pm | 3pm-4:30pm | 4:30pm-6pm

Limited capacity. Guests are welcomed on a first come, first served basis.
Recommended for kids up to 9 years old with adult supervision.

The Mind Museum – Dino Play
J. Y. Campos Park, 3rd Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila

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