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Party Graphics Photo Booth



Party Graphics Photobooth

Photo Booths were only considered as add-ons to parties and celebrations but now they are regarded as party essentials. For many, a photo booth is already as important as the celebratory cake. As for me, I just want the guests to experience a celebration they cannot forget.


Party Graphics Photo Booth - Quezon City


After my first baby was born on 2009, I already prepared months ahead the birthday celebration I had in mind. Renting a photo booth service was actually not a priority ’cause we were caught up with the venue & food costs. But since I started to prepare early and we had enough time to save, I’ve decided to give it a go.


Party Graphics Photobooth‘s pricing was more expensive because they were tied up with the venue. The photobooth package included 3 hours of photobooth use, unlimited 4R photo prints with photo standees, live view function, personalized backdrop, DVD copy of prints, online gallery, customized photo layout, and use of props.

I sent them an email two months before the celebration date and they advised me to email again after a month. The birthday theme was Naruto/Anime so I attached the photos to use. The images used were not my own, except for the photo of my son.
Backdrop pattern: Naruto logo changed into “Zaiel” and Akatsuki’s red cloud
Template background: Naruto manga pages
Buttons: Silly faces of Naruto
Celebrant’s main photo: Zaiel in tiger costume (photography by Baby Boom PortraitsLeny Cruzado)
Naruto Font: Created using NaruTxtGen (Naruto Font Style Text Creator)

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Photos will be printed right away and guests may keep them as keepsakes. 4 shots per print.

Party Graphics Photo booth - fun


 Soft copies include individual shots.

Naruto Party - Photo Booth


I personally kept in touch with them for my grandma’s 80th last year. Thanks!

Party Graphics Photobooth




For birthdays, weddings, baptismals, reunions, school fairs, corporate events, debuts, and other special events, visit Party Graphics Photobooth on Facebook.

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