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Yellowcard Live in Manila Concert 2011



Yellowcard Live in Manila - February 2011
Yellowcard Concert Tix. Thanks Dayly Entertainment Philippines!
Yellowcard is just one of my husband’s many favorite bands so when they came here in Manila two years ago, I just had the craziest idea of checking out ticket prices for their February 2011 concert. It was the most perfect (and late) V-day gift, I suppose, because it was the very first music concert we went to together and it was also his first time to watch a foreign band perform live.
I was browsing some groupon sites earlier when I remembered my first purchase from Groupon Philippines. When group coupons in the Philippines gained popularity around the web a few years ago, I subscribed to a couple of groupon websites and waited for daily deals to be sent in my inbox. Beeconomic happened to be one of them and that’s where I was able to purchase discounted concert tickets. They emailed me a 50% off deal two days before the concert and it was too good to pass up. I snagged two tickets at PhP 1,800 instead of PhP 3,600.
The ordering process and ticket redemption were smooth and hassle-free. I connected my PayPal account for the payment and they emailed me the voucher to be printed. We arrived at the A-Venue Music Hall in Makati City an hour before the concert and I had no problems getting our tickets from the staff in charge.
I only had two days to listen to Yellowcard albums and familiarize myself with their music. I wasn’t a fan, not until I’ve heard and seen them perform live that night. They sounded really good and I was so moved when the song “Only One” was sang onstage. Front acts were homegrown bands Hilera and Silent Sanctuary, and both made impressive performances too. You may watch a video clip that I’ve uploaded on YouTube featuring the song from Spider-Man: Yellowcard – Gifts and Curses (Live in Manila)
Going to another concert or seeing opera music performances would be great, but I’m afraid we’d have to focus on welcoming our second child on March or April this year. Travel and leisure plans will be pushed on 2014.
Yellowcard Concert Manila
More than ready to rock! \m/


  Ginisang Pechay at Tokwa
Ryan Key - Yellowcard Live in Manila
Ryan Key, the lead vocalist, belting the music out. I also love the guy who plays the violin.
FYI, Yellowcard is an American punk/alternative rock band.


Yellowcard Concert in Manila
One rockin’ evening with my husband!


Yellowcard Concert A-Venue Music Hall
I’ve recorded some a few clips from the concert using my iPod Touch 4th gen, a gift from my hubby.


Yellowcard Instagram
My Instagram’s POV 🙂


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