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Fight Cavities with Xylitol Dental Health Gum


Lotte Xylitol Dental Health Gum

Protect your unborn child from cavities with Xylitol, the Dental Health Gum.

Dental caries, also known as tooth decay or a cavity, occurs due to the presence of Mutans Streptococci in the mouth. This bacteria feed on sugars from food and drinks such as milk, fruits, honey, preserves, candies, desserts, and soft drinks. It metabolizes the sugar and produces lactic acid that attacks the enamel of the teeth. This process is what causes tooth decay.

Diet is a known factor that contributes to dental cavities. What others don’t know is that dental cavities can be transmitted too.

One way of transmitting dental cavities is through mother and child. In addition to mothers, other family members who live in intimate contact with the infant (such as father, grandparents, etc.) can transmit the caries infection.

Lotte Xylitol Variants

Studies have shown that chewing gum with xylitol is effective in preventing the transmission of cavities from mother to child, at the same time, preventing the development of cavities in infants and young children. Children whose mothers used xylitol carried less cavities compared to children whose mothers did not take xylitol.

According to Professor Kauko Mäkinen, dental cavities in infants can be prevented even before birth through the consumption of xylitol by the mother during pregnancy, and subsequently during the first years of the infant’s life.

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As a testament to its role in good oral health, LOTTE XYLITOL is the only dental health gum in the Philippines that currently bears the Seal of Recognition from the Philippine Dental Association.

Published: 2010-11-02 18:12:55

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  1. raymanexe

    I have tried this gum. This taste good. Keeps me away from bad breathe and cavities.

    28 . Jan . 2011

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