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Our ‘Sweet’ Experience at Love Desserts Buffet


Roughly two weeks ago I joined a blog giveaway by Bakedhoven. Then as if I am a lucky duck, I was chosen as one of the winners to a Mother’s Day buffet celebration at Love Desserts.

Love Desserts is an eat-all-you-can cafe, but the catch is, they only offer sweets and desserts. If you have a liking for sweets, PhP 199 is a pretty cheap rate for a dessert-all-you-can buffet. A slice of cake can go as high as 200 bucks (or more?), so why not indulge to unlimited sweets for the same price?

I was excited to try an all-dessert buffet because it would be a first for me, and for my family as well. So from Tandang Sora, we drove to Commonwealth then all the way to Pearl Drive, Fairview. We easily spotted Love Desserts buffet on the 2nd floor. Thay also have a [smaller] branch pala in Banawe, QC.

The place looks like a dainty cafe with a contemporary and country-style design crossover, and with a touch of shabby chic & vintage decors. I personally love the wall accents depicting love for sweets and baking, at the back end of the cafe.

The buffet table is at the center, and it’s loaded with a variety of desserts — cakes, breads, cupcakes, shot glass desserts, brownies, cinnamon rolls, egg pies, stacks of cookies, and more. (Click photos to enlarge.. I know you want to!)

I wished there were french macarons, cream puffs, and.. a chocolate fountain! May champorado din pala sila, hindi ko nakita. 🙁

I had a slice of mango cake, a slice of egg pie, a brownie, and a blondie(?). My son Z personally grabbed a couple of shot glass desserts in blueberry and s’mores(?). Then he had two or three more trips to the buffet table.

The ice cream bar. I think I was the only one who didn’t try their ice cream. Big Scoop flavors include mocha, cheese, vanilla, strawberry, orange, calamansi sherbet (fat free), and 2 others.

Love Desserts - Ice Cream Bar

Halo-halo is our ultimate summer quencher, so hindi ito pwedeng mawala sa buffet table. Ube, sago, langka, gulaman, garbanzos, kaong (sugar palm fruit), red mung beans, buko, leche flan, pinipig — all the classic ingredients were available. My mom told me she reserved a special place in her tummy just for halo-halo. They also have fruit salad and other sliced fresh fruits.

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Love Desserts - Halo Halo

Good thing they have nachos (but they weren’t corn chips), empanada (this one’s a must try!), and cheese sticks. The cheese sticks were more like dynamite sticks, and I love them! Pang-alis umay. 🙂

Unlimited drinks, anyone? They have melon, hot fudge, buco, watermelon, and sweetcorn fruit shakes. I had watermelon but it tasted a bit artificial; I liked the sweetcorn and melon better. They also serve unlimited coffee, iced tea, and milk tea.

Love Desserts - Drinks and Beverage

The candy buffet with a party-ish setup. I never had the chance to get anything from here. Sana lang pwede i-take home ang cookie jar. Hahaha.

Love Desserts Menu

Beside the candy buffet is the crepe station. You tell them the filling of your choice (banana, peach, mango, blueberry, and strawberry) and your crepe will be served on your table. We had strawberry, blueberry, peach, and banana chocolate crepes. Thinking about it now, why didn’t I top them off with ice cream?

My family enjoyed the treat, but we were overwhelmed with the intense sweetness around us. Make sure you’ve eaten at least a cup of rice before deciding to go to this dessert-only buffet, because believe me, hindi mo kakayanin ang tamis! My brother, who’s a self-confessed sweet tooth, didn’t get to taste even half of the food from the buffet.

After loading up on sugary stuff for almost 2 hours, I asked for my bill and they gave me this box (I thought it was a complimentary gift LOL). What a cute way to serve bills to customers!

So the breakdown of our meal — two complimentary buffets (free), five adults (PhP 199 x 5), and 2 on kids buffet (PhP 150 x 2). That’s PhP 1,295 in total.

Love Desserts Branches

Thank you Ms. Emily of Love Desserts for the warm welcome and assistance. And special thanks to Mommy Ruth of Bakedhoven for hosting the sweetest blog giveaway ever! 🙂



Love Desserts
Pearl Drive Commercial Center, Commonwealth Avenue, Fairview, Quezon City

Published: 2015-05-21 14:49:58


  1. Dominique Goh

    those are certainly lovely tea treats. So many yummy desserts at the place. Good to see that your family enjoyed their meal there.

    19 . Sep . 2017
  2. Nerisa

    Wow! Overflowing sweets! I’ve been hearing Love Desserts Buffet since 2 years ago – and I’ve been meaning to try it with my family. It’s just its so far away from our home. sana they open a branch somewhere south.

    19 . Sep . 2017
  3. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    My kids would definitely have a blast there. I heard of this place nga two years ago. It was the sponsor for the MBP party. Sarap sila ha. But I dont’ have a sweet tooth, that’s the problem. Mukhang halo halo lang, solve na ako, hihi.

    20 . Sep . 2017
  4. momi berlin

    A friend blogged about this place way before. Since then, I told myself that I would want to visit it with my boys. Just like their mom, my children love sweets. Thanks for reminding me about Love Desserts.

    22 . Sep . 2017

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